Hello and TGIF!  Fun plans this weekend?  Are you doing an Easter Egg hunt?  Me, nope.  I will most likely just be relaxing this weekend.  I feel like I’ve been on the go lately and just need some time to chill and recharge.  You know what I’m saying?  I’m taking a break from the 77 reasons to GO tiny to show you my latest purchase – which some of you will laugh at because it’s really nothing big or anything but it’s making my mornings much better.  I’ve mentioned this before on here but I like my coffee in the mornings.  I like to wake up and have a hot cup of coffee ready to go (in the winter) and because of this, I have a drip coffee maker that is suppose to brew the perfect cup of coffee – on a timer so it’s ready when I get out of bed.  This is just one of those little life pleasures that I have.  This is my coffee pot.

coffee pot with timer

I went with this guy because it’s suppose to brew a great cup of coffee and I wanted a thermos coffee pot so I wasn’t using electric to keep the warmer element on the machine hot.  Long story short, when it’s hot out I don’t like to eat or drink hot things.  this includes coffee.  In the spring/summer (and fall and winter here) I usually prefer cold coffee in the mornings.  I was brewing a pot of coffee in the evenings before bed and putting in the fridge so it would be cold when I woke up.

I then discovered cold-brew.  This is letting the coffee grounds sit in water for 12-24 hours and the natural process extracts the flavor out of the coffee.  A french press would work good to make cold brew but I don’t have one.  My trial and error attempts at cold brew left me with coffee grounds in my teeth so I wanted to find a solution as I like the idea of not having to use any electricity to make my morning coffee.  A little amazon searching and I found a cold brew maker.  There are lots of options but I decided on one that uses a 1 quart mason jar because I like the idea of glass and the strainer is stainless steel.

  cold brew maker


To make the cold brew, you put the stainless steel strainer into the mason jar and then fill with coffee grounds.

Then add water and shake.

Let it sit on the counter or fridge overnight and amazing cold brew coffee in the morning!  It’s seriously delicious with no bitter or acid taste like you sometimes get from brewing.  I’m sold!

How do you have your coffee?


2 thoughts on “Fri-yay!

  1. Doesn’t that take a lot more grounds than regular brew? Have you played with how much coffee you need in the strainer? I’m not a coffee person. Sometimes I like a good earl gray, but coffee just never floated my boat.

    1. Well, the directions do call for more ground than in a brewer but it makes it really strong so I add milk to make it creamier. I think it evens out in the end. I’ll have to see if I buy more coffee beans this way. =)

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