Toilet Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!  Do you like the title of this post.  Doesn’t it make you laugh?!  This post is an update on the new toilet.  You can read about why I got a new toilet here  and Here’s where I got a new toilet.  And finally, check out this post about installing the new toilet.

So now that your caught up in my toilet situation – what’s it like after using it for a month – ok, not quite a month but you get the idea…

So.Much.Better than the old toilet!

new toilet

There is zero smell.  Not even the smell of soil – like the old one.  It’s much nicer to use since it’s lower to the ground than the old one as you can see the size difference below

new in front, old in back

Emptying the front compartment is a breeze and no big deal.  I have yet to empty the solids compartment.  Woohoo!  As this was a big deal in the old toilet.  And finally, the BEST thing about this one….well the no smell and bug issue is probably the second best thing about this one is…. it runs solely on my solar (get that little play on words).  That’s right, I have this plugged into my solar panels and they are still charged in the morning after running the fan on this all night.  The other toilet, while it had a fan and a heater, would suck the batteries dry by 2:00/3:00 am.  I know this because when the solar batteries get low they make a very loud (and I mean loud) beeping sound that you must get out of bed and turn off.  The fact that this is running off of solar makes me very happy. The fact that there is no smell and no bugs also makes me very happy.

So, I give this composting toilet an A+ all around.  I really should have saved the money and went with this one the first time.  oh well, you live and you learn, right?

Enjoy your Tuesday!!!


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