First week in my new location

Hello and TGIF!  Woohoo!  Any fun plans this weekend?  I’ve got a list of “to-do” items in store for this weekend.  The weather forecast calls for clear skies for the next few days so I’m hoping some of the mud puddles around my house will dry up.  If they do the first thing I need to do is get the insulation back up behind the skirting on my house.  I quickly threw on the skirting after the move because of the rain but now need to fix it and put down some “anchors” aka, bricks, on the backside to keep it from blowing in the wind.

So besides the insulation in the skirting, I also need to unpack the bike garage.  Right now it’s still looks exactly like it did when I moved…

garage right before the move (yes I don’t know what to do with the old toilet)

which is stuffed to the brim.  I need to go back and put all the things back on the shelves so that I can get my bikes out.  Since I’m now closer to town I do hope to ride more!  I’m looking forward to that.  With my commute averaging 7-10 minutes it’s now easy for me to go home for lunch and after work to switch clothes, grab a bike, and head back out.  I haven’t yet biked from the new location into town but maybe I’ll try that next week….=)  Stay tuned in for an update later next week on that.  All in all, the move was painless and I’m really enjoying my new location.

Hope you all have a fun and productive weekend!

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