The Move

Hello!  Welcome back!  How’s it going in your neck of the woods?  I can say that I am doing much better in my new location.  Let me back up and show/tell you how the move went.  Yesterday I left off with everything I did Friday night – which was all the exterior stuff.  Today is all about the interior stuff. =)

I wasn’t quite sure how the moving would go as it wasn’t moving very far (approximately 5 miles) but there’s quite a few bumps and turns along the way.  I also didn’t want to cause more work for myself as I’ve moved WAY too many times and know the process is no fun.

I started by moving everything down or off the shelves.  I started in the bathroom (which I don’t have any pictures of!) and put clothes and storage units between the toilet and dryer so that it wouldn’t move.

everything off the shelves but a cat

After I got the bathroom in order I then decided my “bedroom” should be moved.  My bed is pretty heavy because it’s one of those foam ones so I wasn’t too worried that it would slide off or anything – it’s seriously heavy.  However, I was a little concerned about the side table with lamp and clock.  I just put them on the mattress.

bedroom = done

Then I worked on the kitchen & storage loft above.  This is where I had to get creative so that my appliances wouldn’t move as I didn’t want to have to rearrange the whole kitchen.  I started by using an old rubbermaid container that fit snugly in front of the stove.  This also held the cabinet door shut.  Inside the rubbermaid container I placed my countertop appliances and used towels to also put my plates and glasses.

countertop appliances
everything else

Then I filled in the other area of the kitchen with items from the storage loft and used tension rods to keep the items in the kitchen.

tension rods for the win!

This kept the fridge door shut and in place as well as all the cabinet doors shut and those drawers on the left in the photo above.  Now that my loft was empty.

storage loft

I could then put things in the living room to keep the couch and things from moving.  I did move the TV into my car so I wouldn’t have to worry about that.  Blue also went in his carrier and rode in my car.  I placed the outdoor chairs (stacked) and kept Blue’s catio together as there was room for it inside.  The moving guy showed up right on time and was a huge help in getting the jacks down.  Sorry no pics of him working….

filling in the living room with everything else

He was amazing as after the house was hooked up to the truck we figured out the front stairs would need to come off the house as there just wasn’t any clearance with them still attached.  I have some videos but I can’t get them to load on here.  In the meantime here are some photos.

ready to roll!
still rolling

And….she made it to her new location!


As you can see, there is quite a bit of dirt, which is now mud because it has been raining ever since she got parked.  Because of the mud Blue’s little catio didn’t get set up yet.

Blue can’t go out onto his catio. Sad cat.

The good news is when I opened the front door.  NOTHING moved!  It was a breeze to put everything back in it’s spot.

after moving
after – only the bathroom door opened and the drawers on the end table. 

I’m so glad to be moved and around other people.  I didn’t realize that I was so isolated in my old spot.

goodbye old spot!

Now I just have to wait for the rain to stop and the sun to dry out the mud then I can finish unpacking (ie, putting up the skirting and garage)

All in all this was the hardest, easiest move I’ve ever done!

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