My first move!

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  I hope it was good and relaxing as mine was quite busy as you can imagine.  The move happened seamlessly and I’m settled into my new spot.  =)

It started Friday afternoon/evening.  Luckily I got out of a meeting early and got home around 3:30 to start the packing process.  I wanted to get the exterior done that night so I could then just do the small interior things Saturday morning.

de-winterized sewer and water line 

The first thing I did was to take off the insulation of the sewer and water lines.  That probably took 20-30 minutes as I wanted to recycle the foil insulation to re-use in my new spot.

I then started to take everything off the shelving in the bike garage and put it on the floor.  I made sure to put a little rubbermade container under the hot water heater so that other bigger containers wouldn’t fall or push into it.  This little plan worked quite successfully as my hot water heater is still working!

garage packed up right before the move (yes I don’t know what to do with the old toilet)

After I got the garage done I then started on the skirting.  This was the “fun” part.  I wanted to take it off in pieces and label each one with a corresponding label on the frame to make the installation a breeze (which worked like a charm).


Since the skirting is velcro’d to the frame I just had to pull it off.  However, it was quite dirty so I wanted to clean it before packing it.  Luckily, I was taking my time as I found this crazy spider – which after confirming with the bf – is a black widow!!!  holy smokes!  So glad I found this on the last one and so glad I spotted it before it saw me.

um, black widow!
naked house

the house looks so naked without the skirting.

I finished packing up the skirting right about 7:00 pm on Friday.  I was tired and hungry at this point and decided to wait on the rest of the “packing” (all of the interior things) till Saturday morning.

Check back tomorrow to get the moving update!

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