It’s a go!

Hello!  Exciting news over here…I’m moving on Saturday!!!  The new spot is ready, the landlords are excited I’m moving in and even hooked me up with a mover, and my old landlord understands why I’m moving and will return my deposit!  So now the packing…or moving objects has begun.  I’m not even sure what I need to do so I think moving a few miles down the road as a first trip will be a good test. =)

My idea is to use tension rods (think shower rod) and place strategically in areas to keep items from moving.  Example:

kitchen from bedroom loft

I am going to move the storage boxes in the loft above the kitchen into the open space in the kitchen below.  I will then make sure that everything will stay in place by putting a tension rod between the wall where the door is and against the white drawers under the “L” of the counter. This is two fold in that it will keep the drawers closed and keep all the items in the kitchen from moving during transport.

I’ll be sure to take lots of pics to describe everything with the first move.  But here is reason #1 why I’m moving… my fabulously close neighbors…

my front door is by the red chairs on the right. The dog “fence” is back behind the RV.

Awesome!  I will check back in after I’m relocated. Wish me luck!

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