Technology Friday!

TGIF!  Woohoo!  It’s almost the weekend!  Any fun plans?  Me, I have the last Crossfit open workout and then that is done!!!  The Crossfit open is a 5 week “competition” with a new workout every weekend.  You get judged doing the workout and then post your scores online.  This is then compared with everyone else that participates across the world.  Yup, it’s a world competition.  However, with traveling during spring break, which happened in the middle of a 5 week “competition”, I will be glad when that is over.  I was doing pretty good but then my workouts took a tumble when I traveled. ha!

Anyways, back to tiny house talk (oh, that’d be a good blog name!)…look at this new item I found online..

coffee table or fridge or both???


This new coffee table does it all!  Talk about a 1 stop shop. It’s a coffee table that is also a refrigerator, a phone charger, speaker AND storage! What?  This sounds too good to be true…which is why it’s getting crowdfunded.  What do you think???

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