Fruit basket!

Hey hey!  Welcome back!  Exciting stuff going on over here… I’ve been on a hunt for quite awhile to find a wall hanging “basket” that I would like to place on the wall between the stove and the window to store fruits and veggies.  Since I bought my beloved instant pot, I’ve felt like the counter was a little crowded with storing my fruit and veggies on the counter with my mixer as seen below.

wasted wall space in which fruit could be stored

I originally planned to use the space above the fridge

original plan for fruit/veggie storage above fridge

as storage but due to having oven issues (read here) and having to get a toaster over (read here) which is now housed above my fridge.

new convection oven

While this fits perfect it does take the space that I had reserved for fruit/veggie storage.  So the hunt to find a wall hanging “something” to fit between the stove and window has been going on since I got the Instant Pot in November…yup, you can see it takes me awhile to made decisions…however, I was on the hunt for THE perfect item and wasn’t sure until a recent trip to Target (after that half marathon I PR’d in last weekend. =) I found a “basket”, actually two, that fit in that wall space.  Now my fruits and veggies have a new place to call home…well before I eat them. =)

news wall storage for fruits/veggies

Both wire frame baskets have the cream insert that is a wax covered textile.  I’m not sure if I’ll store the fruit in the cream insert or leave it wire frame…but my counter looks so much nicer now. =)

And because hanging some baskets is such dirty work…Blue needed to give himself a bath. ha!

Blue in action.

Isn’t he adorable? And with that, I hope you have a great day!


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