A new PR?

Hello hello!  While I know this isn’t a running or fitness blog I do want to share that I set a new half marathon PR (personal record) this past weekend!!! Woohoo!

Go Girl Run Half Marathon

I am extremely surprised by this because I didn’t eat the best while on spring break.  Ok, I’ll take that back – I ate really good/delicious food on spring break but it wasn’t the most nutritious.  Plus this half marathon was really hot – it started around 65 degrees with a high that day at 95. ARG, it’s going to be a hot spring. =(  In fact, it got so hot that day (82 inside) that Blue was sighing and laying all spread out – he does this certain type of laying where all of his body parts are touching the floor when he’s hot – that I broke down and turned on the AC in my house. <- see, I just related this post back to my tiny house!

I can post that the AC worked great and in about 20 minutes the temperature dropped to a comfortable 70 inside.  Every time I start the AC after having it off for awhile (ie, after winter or when I was gone last summer) I’m always worried that it won’t work because the very first time it didn’t.  I had to call the HVAC guy to come out and fill it with Freon because (I think) it lost it during transportation.  You can read about it here.  I will have to remember that when I move…which is hopefully soon!

Stay cool my friends! =)

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