Spring Break!

Hi and welcome back!  Can you guess where I was last week during spring break???

the famous carpet at the Portland airport.

It was a fun time and the weather held out and I only experienced 1 day of rain the whole week.  For Oregon, that is pretty darn good! =)  However, it is now back to reality and back to work.  Only 6 more weeks of class.

Spring break

So during my time in Oregon (I also had a brief stay in Chicago for a conference) I discovered this little beauty…

This guy was hidden behind some vegetation in.city.limits!

tiny house in city limits

I was out walking the dog one morning and happened to see this tiny house tucked away in someone’s back yard.  Without knowing all details, it appears that it’s an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) and a tiny house.  Oregon is a pretty progressive state (yay!) however, when it comes to tiny houses some of the cities (the one I was a past resident of) have some weird zoning that does not allow a structure under 1200 sq ft and it gets a little dicey when it comes to an ADU on a property.  I haven’t lived there in 1.5 years so things may have changed but I knew of a couple who where in the process of building a tiny house get “evicted” (ok, they were given a 14 day notice to move their tiny house) because they were building/living in the unit in someone’s back yard and the zoning officials did not like that. However, I do not know the details with the tiny house in the picture above and have not looked into city zoning in the last 1.5 years so things may be different in said city or perhaps this is a storage unit…although it sure looks like a tiny house to me =)

But it just brings back the point that parking a tiny house is by far the biggest issue/headache/frustrating thing with living tiny.

Stay tuned as I have some more information on zoning coming up later this week.  =)

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