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Hello and happy Monday!  Welcome back!  Did you all have a great weekend?  Mine was a mix of both productive and relaxing.  since it’s the week before spring break things are a bit crazy around here getting in midterm grades and such but then a whole week with no classes!  Woohoo!

So, for my big weekend project.  I installed my new toilet …and it wasn’t that big of an issue!  I think the whole thing took maybe 3 hours (installed the new toilet was probably 1 hour total – cleaning took the other time)

Sunmar toilet

I started by taking out the dryer and the shelving.  The dryer weight about 30 pounds so it’s not a big deal to move it around.

dryer removed

I simply had to unplug the old toilet and move it outside to clean.  I had emptied everything into my outdoor composter previously.

toilet comparison

The old toilet weights 60 pounds and the new weight 20 pounds.  I had to look those up from the spec sheets because I was concerned I couldn’t lift the old one BUT no worries, my crossfit has paid off and it was no problem at all!  The difference – not only in the size and weight – is the old toilet has a heater and fan compartment while the new one just has a little tiny fan.  I can’t get over the size and weight difference of the two.  My little 4 legged helper….

Blue has to inspect
another of Blue “helping” =)

You can see the while tube coming out of the wall.  This is the vent that I will re-use for my new toilet.  The tube fits right inside it so I don’t have to do anything differently for the new one.  Because of the HUGE difference in size between the two toilets I’m unsure if this will be my final arrangement but for now I’m going to see how I like it.


I put the dryer on the shelf up off the ground so it would be easier to get into and I can store things underneath (such as extra TP and cleaning supplies) however, I may put it back up high and put more shelving in for towels and sheets then move my hanging items back above the washer.  I put shelves back above the washer.

original shelving

I’m not just surprised at the size and weight difference but the 12 volt fan in the new toilet is so much quieter than the old one.  I think I will see a significant drop in my electric bill going forward.

So my question now is: what do I do with my old toilet.  I cleaned & sanitized (bleached) it but not sure what to do with it now.  It works – just not for my lifestyle.  thoughts?


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