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Happy Thursday friends!  Welcome back!  As I left you on the edge of your seat yesterday waiting to hear about my internet and phone debate, I have yet to come to a conclusion or do anything other than scope out some other options. However, I plan on discussing those today.  And I know most people probably don’t think or shop around this much for these services but, well, I’m not average and really want a good deal because I stick with providers (and devices) for a long time.

I left off last week talking to T-mobile and Verizon about phone plans, data hotspots, and international data packages.  Quick review, right now I have Cricket Wireless for my phone and T-mobile hotspot  for my internet.  Both have been working great but I am needing a new phone so thought I would check what else is available because I need international data for this summer and possibly more hotspot data.  Cricket does not offer international plans and there has been some conflicting information about T-mobiles hot spot international plan but I *think* it will work overseas for ZERO upgrade charge! =)

Since I’m not 100% sure T-mobile will work overseas (the people at the store said my current plan does not allow it, the folks online said it’s a possibility) I went to Sprint to see what they have because I saw on add online for an unlimited text, talk, and data plan.  I can get this plan with some discounts for $60-$65 a month (depending on tax). If I decide to go today they will waive the $30 activation fee.  This is unlimited data on the phone and then 10 GB of hotspot.  I can go overseas with this for $10 a day and thus share my data with the other instructor.  And bonus – no Sprint contract.  My hold up switching to Sprint is that I don’t know if their service is good.  Does anyone have Sprint?  Does it work everywhere as good as AT&T???

Which brings me to my next store…AT&T.  I walked in, they took my name, said I was in the waitlist….what?  a waitlist to talk to someone about a phone and plan….uh, I immediately walked out.  Yes, I now remember why I switched from At&T! I can’t deal with lines/crowds/waiting..nope.  Not gonna get my business….

Soooo, what am I going to do?  Right now Sprint is in the lead but I need some feedback as to how well their network is.  I *think* I’m going to get an unlocked iPhone 6s and stay with Cricket since it’s working for me and meets my needs/budget for the moment.  I can then switch to Sprint later or just play it by ear and do some more digging about T-mobile and overseas data usage.  It would be nice to just have 1 device on an overseas trip that can do everything instead of having to take my hotspot, make sure it’s on & charged, and carry it around everywhere in addition to the phone.  The hotspot device is the same size as a phone.   This would also be nice traveling in the US as well…. I *think* I just made up my mind to switch to Sprint unlimited….

But, how is the Sprint network?  Will it be as good coverage as AT&T???

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  1. Have you run into the acronyms GSM and CDMA in your research? In general, Sprint and Verizon are CDMA carriers while AT&T and T-mobile are GSM carriers. Almost every country in the world outside the US uses GSM exclusively. There are some US phones that are capable of operating over both types of networks, but if the people at the store can’t tell you definitively that a particular phone will work in a particular country, there’s a good chance it won’t. Depending on where you’re going to be, your best bet may be to get an unlocked GSM phone (this can be a cheap one just for the trip) and buy a SIM card for it from a local carrier once you’re in-country. That’s how it’s done in most places. You buy a phone and then you go somewhere else and buy carrier service for it. Buying phones from the carrier that only work on that carrier is an American thing that most people outside the US rightly think is nuts.

    1. Thanks! I’ve been doing some digging into this and agree. I’m going to get an unlocked iphone 7 and keep Cricket as my carrier since I haven’t had any issues and get great service everywhere…when I go overseas, I’ll deal with it then. =)

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