Tiny house in Denver?

Hello and happy hump day!  So as we were exploring Denver this past weekend, we walked past a tiny house!  What?  In city limits you ask???  Yes… it was a juice bar!  I think this is becoming sort of a trend.  It’s really a fancy food truck that looks like a tiny house.  Actually, there’s one downtown where I’m currently located and used as a food truck.  Anyways, I thought this is an interesting concept.

juice bar

If tiny houses are used as a food truck, then why can’t one legally live in city limits in a tiny house.  If it’s up to code to serve & cook food then it should qualify as up to code for a residence, right???  Personally, I find this pretty frustrating but also understand the need for city zoning and ordinances.

On another, somewhat related, note – I was contact by yet another graduate student who is looking to do research into the tiny house economy.  I think this makes 5-6 graduate students (in different disciplines besides design/architecture) that are exploring the social aspects of tiny houses.  This is great for academia as there’s currently no published article on this housing type and secondly, this is great for tiny house dwellers because the more we can educate the community and uncover empirical evidence that this lifestyle is beneficial for not just the home owner but the community as well, then we will have evidence to support changes to zoning and codes.   It’s baby steps moving at a snails pace (or so it seems) but at least something is happening.

Enjoy your Wednesday and check in tomorrow because I have a phone update…I know you can’t wait to find out! =)

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