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TGIF!  Woohoo!  We made it to the weekend!  How is everyone?  I’m doing good.  Glad it is the weekend, that’s for sure.  Since I’m not training anymore, I don’t have to get a long run in.  AHHHH!!!  It’s a glorious feeling. =)

So today’s topic is somewhat tiny house related and somewhat not.  I have an iPhone.  I’ve had an iPhone since they first came out.  I laugh at that because I am not tech saavy or into getting the latest and greatest so the fact I had an iPhone before they were popular is kinda funny…especially given that I had that stinking 1st gen iPhone until they made me replace it because the technology changed and they didn’t support it anymore. ha!  I upgraded and had that phone until the battery died (and is not replaceable) and 4 years ago got the iPhone 5.  It could have been 3 but I think it’s been 4 years.  Since then I switched to Cricket Wireless and love that I pay $35 a month and have the exact same service I had with their competitor in which I was paying $90 a month.   I’m going to switch gears for a bit but you’ll see why so hang in there with me….

I have a mobile hot spot at my house which you can read about here or here (see I’m relating this to tiny house living ) through T-Mobile because at the time they had a Binge-On service (not longer available) in which you get X amount of gigabytes a month and any media (video like Netflix or Amazon prime and Pandora etc)  isn’t counted towards that. I had 6 gig but recently went up to 10 because I was running out each month….not quite sure why yet.  anyways.  This has worked great for me.  I currently pay $50 a month for the 10 gig and was paying $35 a month for the 6 gig.  So in total for mobile devices I was paying $85 a month. Not too shabby, right?!

Well, it’s a sad sad day/time because my iPhone 5 is dying a slow painful (for me) death.  =(  The poor guy is being extremely slow and doing weird things. So I’m on the market for a new cell phone (I’m getting an iPhone 6) which makes me evaluate my cell provider and internet.  I need to through in another piece of the puzzle here too: I’m going to be traveling to Europe and would like  an international data plan.  This is a work thing so I would get reimbursed for any additional international charges but thought if I had something that would work over there it would solve a dilemma we are having with the planning of this trip.  Long story short, I would like something that would have the capabilities to go overseas but not have to pay for that service every month because this is a one time trip.

So I went to T-mobile to discuss if I could add a package onto my current data plan to go overseas and that’s a no.  However, if I switched my phone there too I could get unlimited text, talk, and data that includes international data for $95 a month.  They also have a special on the cell phones right now and I keep my mobile hotspot device!…. sounds good and everything but T-mobile has a bad reputation for losing service!  I like this deal but don’t want to lose my great phone service that I have now.

Plan B: Verizon who also had unlimited.  I can get the same set up (have to purchase a new hot spot device but same service) for $105 a month (that’s with an 18% discount from work) and then add on $10 a day for international data – for those days I’m there (work would pay for this).  However, I would have to sign up for a 2 year contract (tmobile and cricket don’t have this) and would pay $70 in activation fees because the hot spot AND the phone would need activated.

Ok, not a big deal about the contract but I honestly like not having one.  Weird but I like it.  I still have to talk to AT&T and Cricket about options and I’m hoping my phone will last at least a few more weeks.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Who do you have for phone service?  Are you happy with them???  I need advice so please share.


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  1. If you are leaning towards Verizon, I would probably call or go in and ask again. Be clear that the activation fee is a major reason you are hesitant. Many of the providers are flexible with the fees, since they aren’t really how the company makes profit. I loved T-Mobile, but I don’t know anything about the changes you’ve mentioned so my feelings may have changed if I was still with them. The international data roaming and Canada/Mexico=US coverage plasma were my favorite parts.

    1. Thanks! I looked up my plan online and it says international data roaming is included! I think the folks at T-mobile just weren’t familiar. I’m currently chatting with someone through T-mobile’s online message system who I think would be able to assist me better. What I have currently works so I hate switching….I’m sure I’ll update everyone soon. =)

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