Yet another post about parking…

Hi!  Happy Thursday!  How are you all doing today?  Getting ready for the weekend?  Me, I’m ready for it. =)

Today, I’m going to talk about parking spots yet again….so I’m discovering is that I talk about toilets and parking the most when living in a tiny house.  Never thought those two things would be the most discussed topics.  Hmmm….wonder what that means.  I know other tiny house dwellers struggle with the parking issue as well.  They might not bring it up as much as I do but it’s a real problem for anyone in a tiny house!  We want to live this lifestyle (each for various reasons) yet we all want to do it legally.  I haven’t seen a single post or discussion about how someone wants to “break the rules” and live illegally or fight when told to evacuate a parking spot. Most dwellers just suck it up and move after told by officials that they are illegal.  Guess that’s a plus with having a house on wheels….

I really want to avoid that yet live closer to town for various reasons as mentioned previously. And I think I found a spot!!!

This spot is right outside city limits – thus I won’t be breaking any city zoning issues.  I would be in someone’s back/side yard with 4 other rental houses.  These houses are permanent foundation houses so I would be the only tiny house but that also means no RV could come in and park! ARG!

We’re working out the details and it’s not a fixed deal yet so I don’t want to share too much but I do want to state that things are looking up in the parking spot issue!!!

If this did go through I would ask again to my Crossfit friends on facebook if anyone had a tow company or a big truck (1 ton+) in which they could move my house for me.  Of course I would pay or barter or whatever – and I’ll deal with that when it comes up – but I don’t think I’ll have any trouble finding anyone since a lot of people transport farm animals regularly and have big trucks and know how to haul big items.  I would only be moving 5.5 miles, which sounds silly, but would greatly improve my quality of life so I think it’s worth it.  PLUS, as mentioned before, it’s on wheels for a reason! =)

Stay tuned…also – I got my new toilet last night!  I’ll post whenever I get it installed and how it’s going.  (and yup, I just talked about my two most discussed topics in 1 post!)

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