Another reason for a new parking spot…

Hello!  How are you all today?  Happy Hump Day!  Today’s post is short as I’m still getting caught up with everything since I was out of town last weekend but I wanted to share yet another reason (as if I needed more) in which to find a new parking spot!

I live down a dirt road.  I probably have to travel 1 mile on this road but when it rains (which isn’t often) it turns into a mud pit.  I can not avoid, no matter how slow I drive, getting mud up to the windows of my car.  That is how much mud there is!  It’s crazy ridiculous and takes a few days for it to dry so I drive my car with mud on it for a week or so before I can wash it.  If I washed it right after the rain it would get muddy again and then I just wasted water on washing.  Anyways, that was a side rant as today I was going to share what happened on my ride home from work yesterday….

As I’m driving home I had to stop because these guys were out wandering the streets!

Cows in the road

They were just chilling in the road doing their cow thing.  You can’t tell from this lovely iPhone picture but there were about 10 or so out in the road.  Of course I stopped when I saw them and they just Mooo’d at me.  ha!  I thought it was funny and I think someone just forgot to shut the gate and they got out for the “grass is greener on the other side of the fence” thing.  =)  I wasn’t quite sure if they would get mad if I drove past then on the left but I crept up and they let me pass.  Cow’s are big animals.  The end.

By the way, my driveway is to the left of the second telephone pole in the picture. Enjoy your Wednesday!


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