Toilet topic…yet again

Hello, hello!  How are you all doing today?  Great I hope!  As you can tell from the title of this post, I’m talking toilets again.  Such a great topic, huh?


Anyways, as previously mentioned here and here and a few other spots that I won’t reference, I’ve had some issues with my current composting toilet.  Mainly bugs, emptying way more than the reference manual, and a plant/dirt smell.  I’ve looked at other options such as a regular flush toilet, RV toilet, and another type of composting toilet.  (I even had a plumber give me an estimate to install a different toilet.  To install a different toilet it would be around $500 – or was it $400?  I can’t find the post – in labor then the cost of the toilet- whichever one I decided on)  While that doesn’t seem too bad if it solved the problem it does mean that I will no longer have the option of being off-grid unless I get a black water storage tank.  Which I would then have to dump…uh, I’d rather dump compost than chemical waste.  I’m kinda grossed out just typing that…

Anyways, during my toilet debate I chatted with some other tiny house dwellers who have the Natures head composting toilet.

Nature’s Head

and have not had any of the previously mentioned issues! I trust their opinion since they are actually using it AND the reviews online are all good for this unit.  I like going the composting route because it eliminates all my issues with water use and black water waste.  Plus this guy only uses a 12 amp fan whereas my current one has a heater and a fan so it uses more energy.

The Nature’s Head gets good reviews because it separates the liquids and the solids. Plus has a little door over the solids for bug control – WHAT? built in bug control…I dig that!

toilet bowl

Since the reviews of these guys are so great, I decided to go that route, however, they have a pretty high price tag at $960.  This is regardless of what site you look at for purchasing.  Luckily, my dad and his wife gifted me toilet fund money for Christmas (Thanks again!) and knowing this price tag, I’ve been saving up for the purchase.  I have kept my eye out for price drops and sales and yesterday someone posted on ebay a new, out of box, Nature’s Head toilet for HALF THE COST!!!  I am now the owner of a Nature’s Head composting toilet! (which is currently being shipped to me)

Here’s the deal cuz it sounds kind of crazy buying a toilet off ebay but the guy said he purchased it for his tiny house, tossed the box but still has all the accessories, and then his wife decided to go with the traditional toilet route for their house.  Thus he had this, never used but out of the box, Nature’s head toilet.  I’m also excited because I can install this myself using the venting from my previous composting toilet so I don’t have to pay anyone to install something.  I’m so excited to solve my toilet troubles.  And don’t worry, I’ll be sure to update you when I get it and how the installation goes. =)

2 thoughts on “Toilet topic…yet again

  1. I think renting a port-a-John might be the best way to go! In all seriousness I think the toilet you bought on e-bay might be the answer to your toilet problems, let’s hope so, I never heard so much talk about toilets, ha.

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