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Happy Valentines Day!  How are you?  Do you have fun plans for tonight?  Me, uh, nope.  I most likely will go on the social run tonight and then home to dinner and cat cuddles.  I know how to get into the holiday spirit, huh?

Anyways, I’m starting to get serious about a new parking spot.  I called a small RV park that is 2 miles away from work (although I still can’t bike to campus due to the road this place is located on) it will tremendously cut down on my commute time.  I mentioned it before (you can read that post here) but never got a call back from the owner..until this weekend when I tried again.

This parking spot is as I mentioned a bit closer to town but would be with other RV’s.  I think there are roughly 10 spots or so.  The owner will do a long term, monthly, rental (which she said she prefers) that includes everything.  She mentioned: water, electric, sewer, mail, and grass mowing as well as large storage space in an unsecured building.  Don’t have to worry about that one but the water, electric, and sewer are included….for $375 a month. I currently pay $250 and get sewer and water but have to pay electric which is on average $40-$60 a month.  So my total now is around $300 for a parking spot with a 15 – 20 minute commute to work and a 30-35 minute commute to trails.

I could move closer to town (still not bike commute-able) but pay $375 a month with a 10-15 minutes commute and 20 minutes to trails.  hmmm….the wheels are turning as this isn’t ideal but it’s definitely better than my current situation.

So then I started thinking about what I really want in a town.  I work in a town that is equal distance from 2 large metropolitan areas.  One is a more established town going through a revival and the other already has the revival/upbeat vibe that’s attractive so someone my age and they will have completed a huge renovation to their downtown riverfront park in the next few months.  This city also has a good coffee shop, grocery stores (which I’ve come to discover is something that I value) and breweries.  There is a “mountain” park (it’s not a mountain but they call it that and it does have the highest elevation in the state) with various trails that also connects to the city bike path for additional mileage.  The park is within city limits.  Because of this park there is an active running and biking group in the area that meets weekly to play on the trails.  I’ve met up with the group before for a trail run and they all seemed around my age and into that sort of thing.  After the run we went to a brewer for some drinks and food.  This was a weekly things for them.

Now I’m pondering moving to this city (or a suburb of this city) as there are a few RV parks on the outskirts in which I could rent a spot.  I only have to be on campus 4 days a week for my teaching schedule so I could technically make a new home in a bigger city with better amenities and commute 4 days for an hour drive each way.  Which sounds crazy as I’m complaining about a 15 minute drive every day…sometimes multiple times a day.  However, the amenities in this other town are quite appealing for evening and weekends.  I want to be around a group of similar aged like minded individuals who also value good eating & drinking establishments.

I’ve also considered staying (or moving to the other location) in the same town I’m currently in but driving to said city during the weekends to participate in their activities and grocery shop.

I have a lot to think about…what would you do?

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