Weekend project

Hello and happy Monday!!!  Did you all have a great one?  Mine was good.  It was extremely HOT here.  It’s the middle of February and it hit 80 degrees….80!  =(  And I’m running a marathon next weekend when it’s still suppose to be this hot…in February!!!  ARG!  I should be hitting the ski slopes and not wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  ok, I’ll stop being a grump about it but seriously, not cool (and literally, not cool).

So my weekend project included something very very sad….at least to me.  As I’ve mentioned previously- and actually designed my house around – I like to ride bikes.  I currently have a really nice carbon fiber road bike (love her!), a 29″ full suspension mountain bike, and a some-what nice commuter bike.

I’ve also mentioned that I’m looking for a new parking spot because I live too far away from my office to bike commute to work (or anywhere) so that I have to drive.  =(  I also have come to find out that the town I currently live in is just not bike friendly.  I will give them credit as they try, but it’s just not safe to ride a bike in the roads here.  It’s taking your life in your hands if you try.  It’s bad….. so I haven’t been road riding since I moved here.  Major bummer because I do like road riding and am actually kinda good at it. ok, anyways….

I also mentioned there are some trails around where I’m located.  While these are good they are limited as there are only about 30 miles of them and I currently live 30 minutes away.  Not a problem BUT it makes riding there difficult as I have to plan for it and either take my (expensive) bike to work and lock it on my car with the hopes that no one will steal it or plan for about an hour commute to go home, get my bike, and then go back to the trails.  Not exactly ideal or eco-friendly.  I have also ridden (and run) all the trails multiple times so there isn’t a level of excitement in hitting the trails.

It’s also difficult to find people to go with.  I try to always mtn. bike with someone or at least let someone know when and what trail I’ll be on in case I have a major crash.  I’ve had to many friends (in the PNW and WV) that have had some serious mtn. bike accidents and I just don’t want that to be me.

Given this, I just don’t go anymore.  I have a Yakima bike rack that I have kept on the back of my car year round since I moved to Oregon.  The bike rack is locked to the hitch of my car so that no one can walk off with the bike rack.   When I lived in Oregon I was a full time bike commuter (loved it!) and hit the mtn. bike trails at least once a week if not more.  It made sense to keep the bike rack on my car since the only time I ever drove was from my house to the base of the mountain to go ride.  It was great!

I no longer live in Oregon.  I no longer bike.  It’s sad.   I took the bike rack (that has been a staple on my car for 4+ years) off this past weekend.  It is currently living under my house. I can not longer call myself a cyclist even though own 3 bikes. It was a sad realization.

*sidenote* I do teach spinning 2x a week at the university gym however it is not the same as being on a bike outside so I don’t consider myself a biker.



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