Weekend Project

Hello, hello!  How are you all doing?  Me, I’m doing good.  I want to share one of my weekend projects to show that you can do some interesting things in a tiny house and that my kitchen is fully functioning. =)

I introduce you to: homemade body lotion and deodorant.  =)

melting the beeswax

Let me go back and explain some things first.  I’ve been making my own body care products for quite awhile now – prior to going tiny so I knew what worked and what doesn’t (especially important with the deodorant!).  I started to experiment with this after I discovered I have a reaction to some body lotions.  I itch like CRAZY after using them and it’s quite annoying.  Digging deeper to find out what’s causing my skin problems, kept reading about how all the chemicals in these body products are not just bad for our skin (look at the back of a bottle – can you pronounce any of those ingredients?) but it’s also getting into our waterways and causing some environmental issues.  This is also why I make my own laundry detergent.

So I started to make my own body products out of items that are environmentally and skin friendly.   The key ingredients are coconut oil & beeswax.  For the body lotion I use those two ingredients and add a liquid oil at room temperature.  For this round I used Almond oil…it was on sale at the health food store.  I’ve used olive, castor, or avocado oil before too.  This is an important ingredient in the lotion because you want it to be smooth and not wax like a candle.

I start by using a make sift double broiler to melt the beeswax.  I also found out that the beeswax needs to be fully melted before adding the other ingredients.  It won’t mix if it’s not.  I got a stainless steel bowl from the $1 as once you make body products in it you won’t want to use it for food.

double boiler set up

And after about 15 minutes of prep time you get a fun new body lotion and/or deodorant (the recipe is the same for the deodorant, you just add arrowroot (baking soda) and Deiatomaceous earth (DE))

I place the finished products in glass canning jars and so far it’s worked out great.  After it cools a bit I add about 20 drops of various essential oils to give it some fragrance.  You want to add the oil after it has cooled a bit but before it turns hard because the oil will lose some smell if it gets hot.

finished product ready to cool

Have you tried making your own body products?

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