84 Lumber is on it!

Hello and welcome back!  By the way, I did not eat the failed meal from the instant pot.  I figured wasting a little bit of food over the possibility of getting sick was worth it.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m part of a Tiny House group on Facebook.  Well someone posted about an 84 Lumber tiny house commercial during the Super Bowl this past weekend…did anyone see it?  Me, I didn’t watch the super bowl but am curious about this commercial.  Anyways, this individual linked up the 84 Lumber website and it seems pretty cool!  They have 4 models to choose from and price range packages from DIY to the fully built house.



They all seem a little bit “skinny” on the interior when you click through the pictures – or maybe that’s just me but mine doesn’t seem so small or claustrophobic.   I’m also a bit confused about what is on the exterior of The Degsy around the base.  Is that the skirting?

All of these houses have the composting toilet I’m going to get. It’s definitely the most popular among the tiny house dwellers.  I’m hoping that means because it works really well! =)

I like that they have an arrange of pricing available and a fully equipped, ready to live in, tiny house for around $50,000 – that’s just one model.  Not bad considering some of them (from other manufacturers) come in well above that.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of any of them.  I don’t like the floorplans and also need stairs because of Blue.  The interiors aren’t really my style either.  Yes, I’m quite opinionated  on this.  However, for someone else this might be a really good option. So what do you think?  which one is your favorite?


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