Worms… =)

TGIF!  Woohoo!  It’s Fri-YAY! =)  Hope you have fun plans this weekend.  I’ve gotta get in a semi-long training run in and catch up on some work.  (did I mention I’m running Austin Marathon in 3 week?) Other than that I plan to relax!  I need some down time after this busy busy week.

Today’s topic is on composting! =) Are you all as excited as I am??? I’m sure you are…and if not just roll with it today. =)

So I got the brilliant idea to get composting worms again!  Why you ask…because I have a ton of kitchen scraps and my compost bin is full!

DIY compost bins – big bin = no worms, grey bin = worms

I had some worms previously but killed them this summer because, even though they were outside, they got a bit too hot.  I mean, 115 degrees sucked the life out of me too. =(  I really enjoyed having them as they speed up the composting process  AND they are kinda fun to have around.  Who doesn’t love worms?

Composting worms are different than the regular earth worms.  I’m not exactly sure how and I’m sure you can google it to find out but to get a vermicomposter (worm composted) going you need to use red worms.

red worms

These guys like temps between 55-75.  I got the brilliant idea to start a vermicomposter again since I now have heat in my bike garage and I won’t freeze them in the winter!   I already have the homemade worm bin (see first pic) from before so it would be easy to start this up again – and I really do need to quicken my composting time because I’m running out of room.

Last time I got the worms in the mail from: Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm: (I think on Amazon)

Worms by mail

You get a bag of red worms in the mail and just start composting.  Of course you need the bin but they are easy to DIY our of rubbermaid containers.  Just don’t use clear because the little guys like it dark. I wrote a post (one of the first posts on this blog) about how to make the containers.  Click  here for directions.

I thought this idea was brilliant as I now have the heated space in the bike garage, the bin, the food for the little worms…..BUT I don’t have anywhere for them to go in the summer and I don’t want these guys to have the same fate as my previous batch. =(  The bin works great indoors (ie, air conditioning) – I did that previously and you can not smell it – I swear! However, if I am gone in the summer and take my cat, I will unplug the house so it won’t be air conditioned and my little worms won’t make it again.  I could always ask someone to take my vermicomposter during the summer.  It would probably be ok in someone’s garage – plus maybe I could introduce them to vermicomposting that way. =)

What do you think?  should I try it and hope to find a “worm sitter” for the summer months???

2 thoughts on “Worms… =)

  1. Give it a try, maybe you can find a worm sitter for summer. Remember when we kept night crawlers in the basement in the summer to use for fishing? One thing I learned was not to get them too wet!

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