Frustration take 2!

Happy Hump Day!  Hope your all doing well and having a great week so far.  Mine’s been busy busy busy as the new semester kicks off and I’m still figuring out my schedule.  It usually take a good month to get into the swing of it. =)

The past few days have felt more like spring than winter – which, I know, some of you would like – however, there was one day when the temps got below freezing one night.  This isn’t a problem now that I have my garage set up and water lines all figured out…or so I thought.

I awoke one day earlier this week to no water.  WHAT?!?!  How can I have no water when I have a (very expensive) automatic electric heated water line to prevent this exact thing? See the plugs going from the well & hose to the electric box behind?

water connection from well

Well, the circuit to plug in said water hose (and the heat tape for the part coming out of the ground) tripped during the night and thus provided zero electric to my fancy heated water line….still no electric after flipping the breaker too.  =(

circuit on right tripped

Luckily no harm was done as the frozen hose was only outside.  Also, luckily I’m renting the land and a quick call to the landlord fixed the problem.  He was there the following day and switched the outlet and *fingers crossed* it’s now working.  because it feels like spring, I don’t know yet if it’s working but I am hopeful that it is!


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