Happy Anniversary!!!

Hello!  Welcome back!  Happy Monday and it’s my 1 year anniversary in my tiny house today!  Woohoo!  I should have a party to celebrate. =)

She’s found a spot

She looks so different without her skirting…

Wow, so a lot has happened in the year and I’ve done quite a bit of work to something that is so small – and I feel like I still have a lot left! Here’s some before pictures:

Finished Kitchen – photo from builder

It’s so empty and “unpersonal” in these photos.  Now, a year later, it’s home. =) (but still a work in progress)

Blue is being a goof!

I thought I would share some of my experiences (more like lessons learned the hard way) in tiny living now that I’m a year in.

First up:  Parking!!!  Who knew parking would be such an issue! It’s frustrating and I am fortunate that I have a spot and it’s safe but also kinda bummed that I can’t find a better one.  Maybe year 2 will be the year of the “golden parking spot”.

Second:  I do a lot more laundry now than I did before. I think that since I only have so many clothes and I need to wear them every week, it means I have to do laundry in order to go to work every week. =)  It’s not an issue just something to think about.  *disclaimer – I only wash items that need to be washed.  If I wore a pair of jeans for 4 hours and only sat at my desk – they go back on the shelf to get worn again an not in the laundry.*

Third: Winterizing (even in a mild climate) is a necessity when all of your utilities are exposed to the weather (ie, water pipes, sewer line, hot water heater).  You’ve all read enough about that.

Fourth: Washing dishes is a must every day.  While I have 6 plates and bowls and enough silverware – I do not have enough pots and pans.  As I cook almost every meal at home I need all those pots and pans daily.

Fifth: I have to sweep (or vacuum) every day.  There is no avoiding this.  Granted it takes a whole 2 minutes to get everything swept it is something that I am constantly doing.

Sixth:  I am very conscious of my energy and natural resource usage.  I would say I am more aware of it now that any other living situation.  I think knowing that after I use up my 20 gal. propane tank I won’t have hot water or heat (if I need it) is enough to keep me on top of keeping a back up full.

Seventh: While the bike garage is awesome and does serve my purpose, I wish I could access it from the inside.  There is just something about knowing I forgot a tool or need to get my bike clothes out the garage that makes things a bit more difficult.  Let’s say I was going to hang a shelf – well, I have to go outside to the bike garage to get the hammer and nails then when I’m done go back out to return those items.  Not a big deal but a bit annoying.   Maybe I can make a door through the bathroom that will also help with the heating issue…..

Eighth:  The toilet.  I’m actually surprised it didn’t make it earlier in the list…hmmm.  Maybe because I have settled on my next step just haven’t actually made that purchase yet?  Anyways, while I love the idea of composting toilets the one I have just isn’t cutting it for me.  I’m hoping another type will make my life a little bit easier.

Before writing this post I thought I would have a bazillion things to talk about and discuss from this past year but I seem to be stumped after 8.  All in all though I think I made the right choice going tiny.  It fits my lifestyle and life goals, I’ve made friends along the way through it (everyone wants to see if when they find out about it), and hopefully educated some others on how to conserve and be a bit more mindful of our natural resources.

Happy (tiny) house-iversary!  =)

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