Hello and happy Tuesday! Did you have a great weekend?!  I didn’t get a chance to ask you because I was celebrating yesterday.  =) My weekend was…interesting.  Let me explain.  So it felt like winter again here (yay!) with the night time temps reaching down in the 20’s (ok, that only happened 1 night).  I thought this would be the perfect time to try out the heat lamp idea – I also had just gotten the thermostat outlet.

automatically turns on if the temp gets below 45 degrees

I got this outlet because the other one’s like this (below) got really bad reviews and said they stopped working after a month or so.

thermostat outlet

So the outlet I got was $38 on Amazon whereas the one pictured above is about $9.  You do get what you pay for in some cases. =)

So I read the directions and installed this bad boy. It has a battery back-up so if the power goes out it will still keep the settings.

battery backup

This little guy works great!  I plugged him in and then hooked up the heat lamp.

plugged in

Boom!  Done.  It got cold on Friday night and I kept watching the temperature in the garage and finally decided to go to bed.  Well, wouldn’t you know but I couldn’t sleep.  I just kept imagining that something was going to fall on the heat lamp because even in the little metal shield the lamp is exposed.

light shield

And if the lamp would fall over it would be directly touching the floor and where it gets hot, it would catch on fire.  Or if something accidentally fell on the lamp it would catch on fire.  So I was up and kept watching the temp to see if it would turn on…luckily I happened to wake up around 2:30 and it was around 45 degrees so I decided to go and check it out.  Well, it was on!  However, it was starting to melt the rubbermaid plastic container I have on a shelf above the heater.

I’m glad I was a little nervous about it and got the chance to check on it to avoid something disastrous.  I unplugged the heat lamp and went back to the high wattage space heater.  It turned on and warmed up the bike garage in no time.  Problem avoided.

I then found a little 600 watt space heater

little heater

at Best Buy over the weekend and decided to get that and use it with the temperature outlet.  This just has an on/off switch so I can leave it in the on position and when the temperature gets to 40 the outlet will turn it on.  So far the weather has warmed up and it feels like spring (booo!) so I haven’t had a chance to check it out.  (it’s been staying in the 50’s at night in the bike garage).  However, we still have some more winter months left and I’m hopeful it’ll feel like winter at some point again.


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