Cooking in a tiny house

Hello!  Happy Thursday! And yes, a new topic.  =)  I mentioned awhile ago that I got an instant pot around Thanksgiving as they were having that huge sale on Amazon.

Instant Pot

This guy come in a 7 in 1 function 6 quart size or a 6 in 1 function 5 quart size.  Being that it’s just me and to save space I got the 5 quart size.  Which, to be honest is HUGE in my tiny house! I originally griped about how big it is, and while I still feel that way, I have changed my option of this cooking appliance as I use it all the time.  On what, you ask?

EVERYTHING!  This bad boy will do it all!  The 6 functions on mine include: saute, slow cooker, rice, pressure cooker, soup, steam – and the one function mine doesn’t have is yogurt.  When you use this as a slow cooker it keeps the food warm after the time has expired which is what I was originally looking for and part of the reason I made this purchase.  My old crock pot went to Goodwill.

I honestly doubted that I would use all the features since I have an oven and a stove – what else does one need? Well, I use this to brown meat before making a soup or even spaghetti sauce.  It seems to get hotter than my propane stove so the meat cooks extremely fast.  I use the pressure cooker option to boil eggs (perfectly – the shells just fall off) and it’s cooks meat and sweet potatoes extremely fast.

When my hot water heater was out of commission I used the high setting on the crock pot function and I had scolding water in 7 minutes.  Honestly, the water was too hot to put my hands in to wash dishes!  I also know it was 7 minutes because there is a timer on the device. =)

One of the things that I was unaware of at first was that you need to add additional time to the pressure cooker setting.  Whatever the amount of time the recipe calls for (say 10 minutes for hard boiled eggs) it actually need an additional 4-7 minutes for the device to heat up or pressurize before.  This makes (in the example above) that to boil eggs it actually takes 15 minutes and not just the 10 like the recipe said.  Yes, I know this really isn’t a time savings with boiled eggs but man, the peels just fall right off and I struggled with that when I made them on the stove top.

I was also concerned about the energy consumption since this is an electric appliance.  This guy boasts that it cooks food 70% faster which results in energy savings but it also only runs on 900 watts, which is less than my coffee pot.  I will also say that this has a stainless steel removable bowl on the inside so there aren’t any chemicals or things leaching into your food.  So all in all, I am a huge fan of this cooking device….now I just wish it was a bit smaller to fit inside the drawer where my crock pot was BUT since I do use it frequently I guess it can stay on the counter.

instant pot on counter

I think I’m going to get a wall basket or shelf or something to put on the wall above the mixer/instant pot to store all my fresh produce.  It’ll be off the counter that way.

Do you have an instant pot???  Do you love it?

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