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Hello and happy Tuesday! Did you have a great weekend?!  I didn’t get a chance to ask you because I was celebrating yesterday.  =) My weekend was…interesting.  Let me explain.  So it felt like winter again here (yay!) with the night time temps reaching down in the 20’s (ok, that only happened 1 night).  I thought this would be the perfect time to try out the heat lamp idea – I also had just gotten the thermostat outlet.

automatically turns on if the temp gets below 45 degrees

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Cooking in a tiny house

Hello!  Happy Thursday! And yes, a new topic.  =)  I mentioned awhile ago that I got an instant pot around Thanksgiving as they were having that huge sale on Amazon.

Instant Pot

This guy come in a 7 in 1 function 6 quart size or a 6 in 1 function 5 quart size.  Being that it’s just me and to save space I got the 5 quart size.  Which, to be honest is HUGE in my tiny house! I originally griped about how big it is, and while I still feel that way, I have changed my option of this cooking appliance as I use it all the time.  On what, you ask?

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Hello!  Welcome back!

A few days ago I posted the idea about a heat lamp used for chicken coops….remember?

light shield

Well, I went to the local farm supply store (it happens to be 1 mile from my house and also where I go to fill my propane tanks) and discussed this with the folks there since someone where *hopefully* use these or at least are more familiar with them than me.

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Winterizing – take 2

Hello and happy Monday!!!  Welcome back!  Did you have a great weekend?  Mine was good.  The weather was warm – in the 60’s so I got to do some outdoor projects that I needed to do.  First one was winterizing my drain line.  As I only have greywater – and with going to try another composting toilet will remain that way – the drain line isn’t the biggest issue if it freezes but it is a pain in the butt!  If I’m home due to crappy icy weather then I want/need to get some things done such as laundry, washing dishes, etc.  and with a frozen (which means stopped up) sewer line, doing those things just isn’t going to happen until the afternoon when the weather warms up to thaw the frozen line. So, I decided to winterize my sewer line!  What does that mean, you ask?

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Toilet update

Hello, hello and happy Fri-yay!  Do you have any fun plans for this weekend???  Me, I’m just catching up and relaxing as we just finished the first week of the semester.  1 down, 14 to go! I really shouldn’t count like that…ha!

Today’s topic is a fun one…toilets! Remember (awhile back now) how I was unhappy with my composting toilet as it requires much more maintenance than the reviews/owner manual, smells (like dirt but a pretty strong odor), and attracts insects….


Well, I made a decision on what I’m going to replace it with…

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Ice storm…take 3

Hello, hello!  I know you all are anxiously awaiting what water heater options I have so I’ll just go right into it. =)

First option is to simply replace exactly what I have.  An Eccotemp propane tankless hot water heater.

water heater

I know it works well for my application and, while I have to keep a 1400w space heater in the bike garage during winter – it’s energy efficient and I haven’t had any issues with it working other than this whole freeze thing.  The plumbers will simply just take out the busted on and install this..boom – done.  I looked into purchasing just the parts that are broken (the heating element) and the manufacture doesn’t sell a replacement for that part so that wasn’t an option.  So this is option 1.

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