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Big Hearts give Tiny Homes

Hello and welcome back!  Today’s topic is one that I would like to shine a little light on in that tiny homes can be a good thing.  This past summer, a huge flood hit parts of West Virginia and destroyed many many homes leaving families with nothing but a mess to clean up.  This is close to my heart as this occurred very close to where I called home for about 10 years.  You can find out more info about the flood here:

The Department of Education and West Virginia got together to create the Big Hearts Give Tiny Homes project in which the career and technical schools within the state built 15 tiny houses for the flood victims….in about 30 days!

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Hello!  Happy Hump Day!  I’ve kind of fallen off the everyday blogging thing.  Guess the holiday’s have caught up with me and it’s just slipped my mind. =)  However, I’m back at it again today and wanted to share an interesting article I found on facebook.  Ok, maybe I didn’t find it but someone in the Tiny House Community facebook page posted it.

It talked about how their tiny home wasn’t their forever home…and how that’s ok.

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Happy Monday of Christmas week!

Hello and welcome back!  Did you have a fabulous weekend?  Mine was good.  I have some photos to share with you all from a trip to Portland, Oregon.  Portland is a great city in that not only does it have great artwork and fun crazy things going on but also good food and drinks. It’s also a fairly progressive city with it’s zoning codes.  One of the downsides of this really super cool city is that there is a large homeless population in which some initiatives are in place to help with.

My last trip to Portland included a walk around the Pearl District.  This part of town is known for it’s artsy hip vibe with great mom & pop restaurants and breweries.  This also happens to be where the Portland Art Institute is located, which might have nothing to do with this post but I should note it because I *think* the students there designed and/or built some micro housing which was on display (not sure if that was intended as we couldn’t walk inside and no one was around) in a big lot beside their school.  There were probably about 10 tiny houses located in this lot. As there was no signage, and it was 7 am on a Saturday morning, we didn’t know why or what they were for, hence they may be from the Art Institute or they may have nothing to do with it.

Portland tiny houses

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Monday, Monday, Monday!

Hello and happy Monday to you all!  Hope you had a great weekend!  Mine was good.  I wrapped up the last of the semester so I am officially on Christmas break now! Woohoo!  I still must do some work but won’t have a set schedule till the middle of January. Ahhh!  =)

So this weekend was a cold one for me.  As I’ve mentioned the past few posts.  I got to use the fireplace every night before bed.  It got the house to a toasty 68-70 degrees.  I then went to bed with the Envi wall heaters on and awoke to around 60-62 degrees.  (Envi heaters are set to around 1/2 way so I could keep it warmer but like to sleep in cooler temps) Not too bad when it’s 15-20 degrees outside. If I stayed home in the morning I would light the fireplace again but since I often just leave for the gym it’s perfect.  I will open the curtains and the sun heats up the interior during the day so when I return home it’s often up in the high 60’s or so.

Since this is the first time my house has experienced freezing temperatures for a sustained amount of time I was a bit concerned about freezing water & the hot water heater because it’s located in the bike garage.

propane on demand water heater in back left corner
propane hot water heater – similar to what I have

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Happy Friday to you all!  Hope your staying nice and warm with this cold front that’s hitting the US right now.   I’m nice and toasty with the heaters as well as the fireplace on. =)

I was reading another blog this morning that suggests using a heated blanked around your propane tank to keep it from freezing – I think.

propane blanket

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It’s starting to feel like winter!

Hello!  Welcome back!  How’s your week going?  Mine is good.  I think winter weather is hitting most of the US right now and we finally got some colder weather here! woohoo!  I actually turned on the fireplace.  It’s so cozy and I’m so glad I got it.  It’s probably my favorite thing about the tiny house. =)


Imagine: it’s Friday night and you’ve had a busy work week.  You come home, light the fire, turn on a good movie or open a book, and sip a glass of red wine. Ah, perfection!  Too bad it’s Thursday morning, huh?  Anyways, back to the topic today…

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Humpty dumpty day

Hello!  Happy Wednesday!  How are you all doing this week?  It’s finals week here and all my classes have finished so all I have left to do is a ton – and I mean ton – of grading.  I’ve gotten several e-mails from students about 1 hour AFTER their final projects were due asking if it was graded yet. ha!  It takes quite a few hours of grading dear students so no, an hour after a project is due it is not graded. =)

Today I’m going to discuss the newest development in that ICC (International Code Council) ruling of the tiny house construction appendix….

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Rootin’ tootin’ Tuesday!

Hello and welcome back! How are you all doing?  I’m good because I got an instant pot the other day and have made a few meals in it.  I think it’s especially exciting for me because I don’t have a microwave and this kinda-sorta replaces what you can do with a microwave.  What’s an instant pot you might ask…

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