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Happy Wednesday!  How are you all doing today?  We made it to the hump. =)

Today I’m going to talk about my heater.  If you recall, I purchased this

convection heater
convection wall heater

Envi heater in October (I think – it might have been September but either way it doesn’t matter because..) I didn’t have the chance to use it till a few weeks ago since it was still rather warm where I am located.  =(  It also doesn’t help my situation that my house gets direct sun – now that the leaves are off the trees –  and really warms up inside during the day.  However, now that it’s fall the nights are getting a bit chilly.  I think last night was down in the 30’s even though during the day it’ll get up to 65-70.  Ok, now that I’ve shared the weather patterns for where I’m located, let’s get back on topic…heaters!

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Tiny House community…say what?

Hello, hello!  Welcome back and happy Tuesday my friends!  I finally feel like I’m back in the groove after taking almost a week off for Thanksgiving.  It’s good to be back to normal. If you know me in person you know I like routines. =)

I’ve mentioned this before on here but in case you forgot (take notes because there may be a test on this…just kidding!) I am part of a Tiny House facebook group.  Most of the time they post things about building and materials and supplies such as: “what type of on demand propane hot water do you all have  and does it work?”   As someone who lives in one (and didn’t actually build it myself) I don’t often contribute to the conversation as it is mainly for those DIY builders, unless it’s a student doing a research project then I try to help out as I know how hard it is to get participants. =)

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Happy Cyber Monday!

Hello and welcome back!  Did you all have a great Thanksgiving holiday?  Mine was good.  I was able to go back to the Pacific Northwest and enjoy some time off.  While I was gone, I left Blue – the cat – alone for 4 days.  He did great with the new litter box.  I think this is a solution for all the traveling I seem to be doing lately. =)

So it’s cyber Monday.  Did you all get some crazy good deals?  I caved the the Insta-pot deal and will have a new kitchen appliance in 2 days. ha!  I think that’s pretty good as I’ve been looking for a replacement crockpot for awhile now as I wanted one with a “warm” function since mine is cheap and just goes from hot to hotter.  This often means that I come home to mush instead of chicken soup – or whatever I was trying to make.  I’ve heard good things about the Insta-pot so I’m hoping it lives up to the expectations as it’s an extremely expensive crockpot if not!

Other than the Insta-pot, which was an item I was looking for anyways, I didn’t do any post Thanksgiving shopping.  I just don’t have space or need anything!  Last year, I bought a bunch of house supplies/building materials after Thanksgiving to cash in on those deals (I think Home Depot has 10% off purchase or something like that) but now that I’m living in the house I don’t have a need to cave to consumerism. It’s quite a relief actually.  So instead of hanging out at the malls last Friday we went for long hike in a state park and then visited a local brew pub.  So I guess we did consume but it was local and edible. =)

So what deals did you all score this Thanksgiving?!?!

all the animals…

Hello hello!  Happy hump day before turkey day! So that makes it a camel today and turkey day tomorrow.  Wonder what animal Friday will be?  Maybe it’s deer Friday as it is hunting season (at least where I’m located).

This is a short post to say Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for reading this blog.  I hope you have safe travels if you are going somewhere and I hope you enjoy the day!  I’ll stop back in Monday with an update. =) Take care!

Thankful Tuesday!

Hello and happy Tuesday!  Is this your last day of the work week???  I’ve got a morning class then I’m done for a bit.  Woohoo!  So excited to get some much needed rest and recovery. =)

Today’s topic is again on plumbing.  The never ending saga, huh?  Over the weekend a plumber came out to give me a quote to switch out from the composting toilet (read previous blog posts about my issues with it) to an RV toilet.

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Monday Fun-day!

Happy Monday of Thanksgiving week!  Hope you all have fun plans for the holiday and get a little vacation from work.  My weekend kicked off a great week because I PR’d (personal record) in the half marathon that I ran yesterday. Woohoo!  Maybe if I actually train for the next one I can do even better. =)

Anyways, I mentioned last week that I purchased something for Blue.  I’m sure you all were on the edge of your seats waiting to see what it was….and the big reveal….

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Things I’m loving lately…

Hello, hello!  Happy Fri-yay!!!  Do you have fun plans for this weekend?  I’ve rescheduled the plumber to come out and give a quote for the toilet on Saturday and have other things to do around the house that day then I’m running a half marathon on Sunday.  It’ll be a fun weekend and then it’s Thanksgiving week!  Woohoo!

Today is going to start a series that I’m thinking to post every Friday.  I read/follow a bunch of blogs that have a “things I’m loving Friday” post.  They give shout outs to things – big and small that they liked that week.  I’m thinking of tweaking it a bit to be about living tiny though.  So here goes week #1 of things I’m loving lately about living tiny.

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Hump Daaaay!

Hello!  Happy Hump Daaaaay!  You  have to say it like the camel in the commercial.  We’re almost a week away from Thanksgiving.  Who’s excited?!?!  I am, that’s for sure.  I’ll explain next week why. =)

So this morning was a bit different for me.  I slept in!  I usually get up at 5:00 am, pack up and head to the gym.  However, today – I just wasn’t feeling it.  I teach a night class on Tuesdays which goes till 9:30 pm.  You can do the math but getting up at 5 am means I usually try to go to bed around 9.  I don’t fall asleep but try to at least be in bed around that time.   Teaching a night class throws off my whole schedule because I’m awake from teaching and usually don’t go to bed until 10/11:00.   I’m sure you were really looking forward to reading about my sleep schedule today but it does lead to my topic of discussion! =)

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Composting toilet – take 2

Hello!  Welcome back!  Hope you had a great Monday!  Mine was productive, which is always a great way to start the week. =)

As promised today is the second part of the composting toilet issue.  As I mentioned yesterday the composting toilet, while a good choice for sustainability, is a bit too much maintenance for me at this point since I do have the option to connect to the septic system.  When I go off grid in the future this will be the perfect situation.

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