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Hello, hello!  happy Thursday friends!  Over this past weekend, I hosted a little party for some Crossfit friends.  Actually, I had a Paleo Potluck. ha!  Unfortunately, no one took any pictures (bummer!) but we had quite the spread of delicious paleo foods.  I think there were around 8-9 people there.  I asked everyone to bring a paleo dish to share and a lawn chair.  Everyone got a tour, we sat outside and ate, and it worked out really really well.  there’s a bit of pressure in hosting something like this with a house that’s a bit out of the normal.  But everyone wanted to see my house and seemed to be ok with how it all worked out. However, if the weather wasn’t cooperative, I’m not sure we all would’ve fit inside.  Someone brought a folding table and we placed all the food on the table outside and then just ate in our chairs.   If we couldn’t have done that, then the food would’ve been on the peninsula in the kitchen and we all would’ve been hoovering around holding our plates.  I just don’t think it would’ve been as nice.  I need to remember this when the weather turns crappy and not invite a big group over.  I think 3-4 people would’ve been fine but the 8-9 is pushing the limits inside.  Although someone did make the comment to “see how many crossfitters can fit into a tiny house”.  One day we’ll try!

The tiny house movement is moving

Hello!  Welcome back!  Well, this was an exciting (ok it was actually kinda boring – yes I watched it streaming live – it’s ok, you can call me a dork) push through for the tiny house community.  Some tiny house folks – mainly builders, owners, enthusiast, lawyers, etc. – met in Kansas City on Sunday for a hearing to change the ICC building codes around tiny house construction.  Not necessarily change it around tiny house construction but word it so it includes tiny house construction.  Basically, we (because I signed the partition so of course I’m a huge part in this, right?) want a change in the building codes to make building tiny homes legal.  This would NOT allow the quality of construction to lessen but make it easier for tiny houses to pass code compliance ie. be LEGAL to live in (specifically within city limits).  Some items in this code change relate to utilities and utility hook-ups, definition changes/specifics, and square footage issues.  This is a pretty big thing for the tiny house community and quite exciting if it does lead to a change.  I’ve been in contact with my city planning officials and they stated that if this ICC change is accepted that it would help me be able to live within city limits.  yay!

If you see a petition (it’s online so you just click a box) please support the changes to the ICC so that I can be a bike commuter again and lessen my carbon footprint! Please! =)

Energy consumption

Welcome back friends!  Today’s topic is on energy. I feel like I need lightening bolts to follow that.  As you all know, I rent land from an elderly couple outside of city limits.  Included in my “rent” is water from the well and a septic system.  All other utilities I have to pay for/provide. There is a 30 amp and 50 amp hook ups available for electric but I pay those myself.  Since I live outside city limits, our power is from a co-op company and I think the rate is a bit high – but I honestly haven’t looked into it so I’m not sure.  Anyways…. Continue reading Energy consumption

Cooking in a tiny house

Hello!  Happy Monday!  Hope you had a fantastic weekend!  Today I’m going to share what it’s like to cook in a tiny house.  As I’ve mentioned, I make most of my meals at home (and I love to bake) so I designed my tiny house to have a fairly large kitchen with lots of counter space so that my lifestyle didn’t change when I went tiny.  So it’s still fairly hot here as shown by this pic….disclaimer: this photo was actually last weekend and not this past weekend.

it's hot out!
it’s hot out!

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Hello, hello!  How are you today?  The cold spell we had last week threw me off and I definitely jumped the gun on buying the convection wall heater.  Eventually I’ll need it – at least I hope!!! One of the projects I did this past weekend was install the darn thing..while blasting the AC.  Can you tell I’m really not digging this hot weather??? Anyways,  I’m pretty happy with how this looks.  I can’t test it out yet but at least it looks good.

convection heater
convection heater

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Hello!  Happy Hump Day! How are you today?  I’m doing well.  I bought some mums the other day and they are doing really well.  They brighten my day whenever I walk outside, which is surprising because I wouldn’t necessarily call me a flower type of girl.


Doesn’t that photo make it look like fall? ha!  I wish! Anyways, a short post today to share my flowers with you all.

More mums
Mums the word

Enjoy and have a great Wednesday!

Tiny House Grey Water

Hello and welcome back!  Happy Tuesday Friends!  Hope your week is off to a good start!  When I had the skirting off this past weekend I saw that the grey water lines had fallen off their little tilted drainer holder system.  The metal wire thing below.

drainage holder
drainage holder
another shot of drain holder
another shot of drain holder

or if outside of an RV it looks like this:

rv sewer
Photo credit: google images

These little support holder things help keep a slope in the drain so that gravity will allow the water to go into the drain. =)

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Happy Monday!

Happy Monday to you all!  Hope you had a great weekend.  Do anything fun?  Me, I had to work on the skirting of my house because I spoke pre-maturely when I said Fall had arrived last week.  I think the day after I said that it was back up in the 90’s.  Blah!  =(  Your probably thinking, what does that have to do with the skirting on your house?  Well, since it’s so hot and the skirting is Velco’d to the frame it fell off – or maybe I should say it melted off.  That would be more appropriate.  I thought something like this might happen during the summer because this side of the house (drivers side) gets the late afternoon sun. I noticed it was starting to come off and propped it up with some dial rods but apparently that wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

skirting is falling off
skirting is falling off – sorry for the early morning sunshine pic

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