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Finding Furniture

Happy hump day!  Every time I say that I always think of that commercial with the camel. You know the one I’m talking about, right?  Do you think of that too every hump day? ha!

Anyways, today I wanted to discuss my furniture again.  I found my sofa on Wayfair right after I got the house as the size and style was spot on for what I wanted.


However, it took me awhile to find an end table and ottoman that I liked AND that went with the sofa.  In addition they also had to be the appropriate sizes to fit into the space.

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Would this work???

Hey hey!  This is a short post, as A) I’m busy busy busy and B) because I just want to feedback on this.  As mentioned previously, I’m on a public forum facebook page for tiny house enthusiast.  This page is often filled with tiny house dwellers (see what I did there?) who are building their tiny house and want some feedback or questions about some construction process/issue they may be experiencing.

One of the couples is finishing their build and having some issues finding a legal (key word) parking spot to live in their tiny house full time.  They created these flyers/infographics – which they posted in a public forum so that is why I’m sharing on here – to help them find a parking spot.  This is one of their mock ups.

infographic to find parking
infographic to find parking

They have another more traditional flyer as well but I can’t find their post or the copy I saved so you’ll have to take my word on it.  I have two questions about this from you guys.  1 – would you consider allowing a tiny house to park in your backyard if you had the space?  2 – would you worry about the legality of parking a tiny house on your property? 3 – if you saw a flyer asking to park on your property, would you consider it?

I’m asking because I may do this to find a spot closer to town and minimize my commute time.  I’m trying to think of all possible ways in which to find another (legal) parking spot.  I’m open to all suggestions and ideas.  Please…. =)

I got clothes lined (in a good way)

Hello!  How was your weekend?!  Mine was equal parts fun and productive.  One of the project I worked on was getting a clothes line set up.

clothes line installed
clothes line in back of tiny house with composters in bins

I had to put up a clothes line because I had one of these guys.

drying rack
drying rack

Actually, I still have it, but since the weather is hot and sunny I want to dry my clothes outside to help speed up the process.  When I put all my clothes on this, place it outside in the sun, then check on it in 10 minutes or so, it’s tipped over on the ground!  Note: these do not stand up to wind and your clothes will be on the ground getting dirty again. =(   Hence the need for a clothes line.  PS.  the dollar store has the line & wood clothes pins for (you guessed it) $1! Click below to see how I use the folding clothes rack inside…

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Cleaning the tiny house – take 2

TGIF!  Where did this week go?  It flew by!  Today is a quick update – well not really an update as I described my cleaning habit in a previous post but I wanted to share the vacuum I use.  In addition to sweeping every other day with a broom I also vacuum once a week or so. Living with a little fur ball (my cat) it’s hard to sweep up all his hair and a vacuum is a necessity.  This little guy (pictured below), and I say little because it’s probably one of the smallest vacuums you can buy, does a great job.  Not only it is light weight but has multiple different configurations to clean the cork flooring, rug, and by taking off the bottom piece vacuums the corners.  This also stores between the fridge and the wall. There is about a 4″ gap that this and my broom slide into.

my vacuum
my vacuum

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Update on zoning

Hey hey!  Welcome back!  This is an update from the zoning post last week. In between posting that topic and today, I uncovered two related resources that you  might find helpful if your having problems with parking your tiny house legally.  I’m part of a group of tiny house enthusiast on facebook and these two websites were posted recently.  This one is a list of states and communities that already legally allow tiny house living.

Shout out as I’m also listed as a blogger under their “tiny house blog” page!!! =)

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Gardening in a tiny house

Hello and welcome back!  I’ve wanted to grow herbs and other various vegetables (think tomato and cucumber) but I just never found the time to get around to it with moving/organizing the tiny house and then leaving for the summer.  However, now that I’m back I want to start brainstorming some ideas and get some plants going.  Living in a mobile situation, I don’t want to plant anything in the ground.  A) it’s a ton of work to till the ground to start a garden – did that once before and, whew, I earned those veggies and B) I’m looking to move closer to town and want to move my plants if I do find a new parking spot.  Enter the container garden idea….

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Hello and happy Monday!  Hope you had a fantastic weekend!  Today we’re going to discuss composting.  Yes, I have a composting toilet but this is more about composting in general.  Why am I bringing this up you ask? Well, there is a conference (yes, I’m not joking!) in September on this very thing.  Apparently it’s quite popular. =)

I want to go to this but have to work that morning and don’t think a half day will be worth the trip. =(  Anyways, back to what I do for my composting and my little friends, the worms.

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In the zone (city zoning)

TGIF!  Hope you have some fun plans for this weekend!  Me, I’m going to try to catch up on some things.  As mentioned yesterday – today we’re going to talk about zoning – as in where can I legally park my tiny house.  This is an issue not just for me but for anyone in a tiny house in any location (other than the few designated and designed tiny house communities popping up across the US).

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Insurance Update

Welcome back friends!  Wow, what a busy week.  Hence my lack of a post yesterday.  Oh well, I’ll get caught up this weekend and it’ll be all good.  I just wanted to touch base and let you all know of my insurance update.  I decided to go ahead and switch to the full coverage with the company I discovered at the Tiny House Jamboree even though I had to pay quite a bit more for it.  If I ever move to a location in which the state is covered, I can then get a discount but for now I am able to relocate/move/park anywhere in the US (besides West Virginia) as many times as I so desire within the year and have full coverage.   It’s a relief to know that I will now be able to get a full refund if something does happen to my house and all of my belongings.  =)

In other news, I’m also looking into lots for sale in (or closer) to town to park at for an easier commute.  I found some that are reasonably prices and reasonably sized.  I don’t want to have to mow a huge yard but I still want privacy (and a short commute – by bike if possible).  So, yes, I pretty much just want it all.   I haven’t contacted the seller or anything as it’s just a look-see right now to scope out options.  I checked out the city’s zoning map and the areas I’m looking at are zoned residential, however, the zoning requires a house of at least 1200 sq ft.  wah, wah.  If I decide to pursue this route then I would have to approach the city about changing the minimum square footage requirement. I’m not sure I want to tackle that beast… or maybe just not yet. =)  Check back tomorrow and I’ll discuss some zoning ideas that I heard about from presenters at the Tiny House Jamboree.