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TGIF!  Hope you all have fun plans for this last weekend in July!  Can you believe it’s almost August already?  Where did summer go?  I’m very fortunate that I have a job in which I can be located anywhere during the summer months to work.  It’s taken me quite awhile to get to this point and I don’t take it for granted.  Luckily, I have been enjoying summer back in the Pacific Northwest where composting is common, mountains are high, and supporting local (whether that is food OR beverage) is the normal.  It’s been a great summer and like all good things, it must come to an end.  I would say one of the most frequently asked questions is, “Did you bring your tiny house?” and the answer is, unfortunately, no.  Let me explain….

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Grilling it.

Happy Thursday everyone!  Today’s topic is on cooking in the tiny house.  Now that I have a working stove I’m all about home cooked meals.  I belong to a CSA and receive 10 pounds of beef and pork – various cuts – once a month.  It’s a  great service because I’m not only helping out local farmers but all the meat is grass fed and organic (even though it’s not certified organic).   With all this meat, I have to cook at home as I just don’t have the freezer space to keep it.  Before I had a working stove I used a crock pot to make most of my meals.  Side note:  did you know you can bake cookies in a crock pot?!?!  Sure, it takes about 4+ hours but when you don’t have a working oven, you work with what you have.  Anyways, back to cooking in the tiny house….

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A dirty topic (cleaning the tiny house)

Howdy!  Today’s topic is a dirty one….literally! ha! I’m going to talk about cleaning the tiny house. A lot of people tell me it would be nice to live in a tiny house because cleaning would be breeze, well, it is, but (there’s always a but right?) I definitely have to clean more often than when I lived in a larger place.

Small floorplan = regularly cleaning
Small floorplan = regularly cleaning

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Other additions

In addition to adding a front porch/deck/stair area, I’m also interested in installing an awning above the front door.  This will make going in and out in the rain easier and give a little space to keep shoes so that I am not tracking dirt into the tiny house.  I have to sweep about every day because it’s hard to keep such a small space clean.  I even try to have dedicated indoor shoes and change into other ones when I have to go outside to eliminate the need to clean.  I struggle with this though as I often forget. I really need to work on doing this! Anyways, to help with this problem I would like to install an awning above the front door.

Front door needs an awning
Front door needs an awning

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Future additions

Welcome back!  Today I want to talk about some ideas I have for the front door of my tiny house.  I’m currently using the trailer supplied retractable RV style stairs.  While these are functional I would like a deck area immediately upon exiting the front door to utilize the exterior space better and make it more welcoming.  I would also like a covered area over and around the door to store shoes so that I don’t track dirt into the house.

The front door needs a make over to be more welcoming
The front door needs a make over to be more welcoming

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Capsule wardrobe – say what?


Today, let’s discuss clothes storage.  Ever heard

garment pieces in a capsule wardrobe
sample of the garment pieces in a capsule wardrobe

of the capsule wardrobe?


I found this concept online so I can’t take any credit for it but it’s basically owning around 21 pieces of clothing which can be mixed and matched to create a different (although similar) outfit per day for a month.  Thus, reducing the amount of storage needed for clothing, the struggle of finding outfits to wear, and reduce purchasing mass quantities of clothing.  I found the concept on fashion blogs that focus on quality of garments and not quantity which aligns with a minamalistic lifestyle.   Most capsule wardrobes focus on 1 or 2 colors for the main pieces and then have accent pieces to compliment and switch up the outfit (similar to designing a room).


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To compost or not to compost – that was the (biggest) question


Today we’re going to discuss sewer use in the tiny house.  Since my plan all along is to eventually be off-grid, after much debate and internet searching, I went with a composting toilet.  By using a composting toilet, I only have grey water sewage which will make it easier to go off grid in the future, specially since I already use earth friendly bio-degradable soap products. =)  Grey water is any waste water from cooking and cleaning such as laundry water, hand washing water, etc.

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High speed connection

Since I’m on the subject of discussing  what I get asked the most, I would say the second most common question – well besides laundry – is do I have internet.  And the answer is….yes!  I am fully connected via a mobile wifi hotspot.  Which I don’t know why I didn’t use this service before since I moved so much.  It’s so convenient and works great – plus I can take it anywhere.  I’m currently writing this up from a coffee shop.  Sure, they have free wifi but it’s really slow and hit and miss if I get to connect so I just take my hotspot with me and never worry about internet.

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