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Technology Friday!

TGIF!  Woohoo!  It’s almost the weekend!  Any fun plans?  Me, I have the last Crossfit open workout and then that is done!!!  The Crossfit open is a 5 week “competition” with a new workout every weekend.  You get judged doing the workout and then post your scores online.  This is then compared with everyone else that participates across the world.  Yup, it’s a world competition.  However, with traveling during spring break, which happened in the middle of a 5 week “competition”, I will be glad when that is over.  I was doing pretty good but then my workouts took a tumble when I traveled. ha!

Anyways, back to tiny house talk (oh, that’d be a good blog name!)…look at this new item I found online..

coffee table or fridge or both???


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Fruit basket!

Hey hey!  Welcome back!  Exciting stuff going on over here… I’ve been on a hunt for quite awhile to find a wall hanging “basket” that I would like to place on the wall between the stove and the window to store fruits and veggies.  Since I bought my beloved instant pot, I’ve felt like the counter was a little crowded with storing my fruit and veggies on the counter with my mixer as seen below.

wasted wall space in which fruit could be stored

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Back into the swing of things…

Hello and welcome back!  I had a busy weekend as I went to Austin, TX to run the Austin Marathon.  I didn’t get a PR (personal record) but am pretty darn pleased with my time given the weather conditions that day.  This was my 4th marathon but the last one I ran was in 2012 and happened to also have extremely hot weather conditions.  I think that one was hotter but this one was hot and humid.  I was soaked at mile 3 = not good.  Anyways, I got another finishers medal (which just happens to be a belt buckle) and another check mark on my marathon list.

belt buckle medal

I know this is a tiny house blog and not a run blog so let me relate this story back to tiny house living. =)

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Weekend project

Hello and happy Monday!!!  Did you all have a great one?  Mine was good.  It was extremely HOT here.  It’s the middle of February and it hit 80 degrees….80!  =(  And I’m running a marathon next weekend when it’s still suppose to be this hot…in February!!!  ARG!  I should be hitting the ski slopes and not wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  ok, I’ll stop being a grump about it but seriously, not cool (and literally, not cool).

So my weekend project included something very very sad….at least to me.  As I’ve mentioned previously- and actually designed my house around – I like to ride bikes.  I currently have a really nice carbon fiber road bike (love her!), a 29″ full suspension mountain bike, and a some-what nice commuter bike.

I’ve also mentioned that I’m looking for a new parking spot because I live too far away from my office to bike commute to work (or anywhere) so that I have to drive.  =(  I also have come to find out that the town I currently live in is just not bike friendly.  I will give them credit as they try, but it’s just not safe to ride a bike in the roads here.  It’s taking your life in your hands if you try.  It’s bad….. so I haven’t been road riding since I moved here.  Major bummer because I do like road riding and am actually kinda good at it. ok, anyways….

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Worms… =)

TGIF!  Woohoo!  It’s Fri-YAY! =)  Hope you have fun plans this weekend.  I’ve gotta get in a semi-long training run in and catch up on some work.  (did I mention I’m running Austin Marathon in 3 week?) Other than that I plan to relax!  I need some down time after this busy busy week.

Today’s topic is on composting! =) Are you all as excited as I am??? I’m sure you are…and if not just roll with it today. =)

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TGIF!  It’s Friday!   woohoo!  Do you have any fun weekend plans?  I hope so!

I saw an interesting article on Houzz – a home design website – that give a monthly year long “guide” to de-cluttering your home.  You can read the article here:

Again, going back to the new years resolutions from yesterday I’m not sure this is just coming up because it’s a fresh start to a new year or if minimizing and de-cluttering is a new trend?  Anyways…

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Happy Thursday all!  We’re almost to the weekend again.  =)

I’m not sure if it’s because it’s the start of a new year or if this trend is gaining more and more attention but there seems to be many articles, facebook posts, and other things geared towards minimizing and simplifying life recently.  This popped up in my facebook feed from Passionate Penny Pincher (a blog geared towards saving money – don’t follow unless you want bombarded with posts!)

Purge list

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Happy 2017!

Hello friends!  Welcome back!  Hope you had a great holiday and are gradually getting back into the swing of things.  My holidays were great and I still have a few weeks to get things sorted out before the start of the next semester.  =)

So, did you set a new years resolution???  If not – here’s an idea for you.  I’ve mentioned the Minimalist on here before but they have an interesting concept for the new year with everyone making resolutions and things…

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Rootin’ tootin’ Tuesday!

Hello and welcome back! How are you all doing?  I’m good because I got an instant pot the other day and have made a few meals in it.  I think it’s especially exciting for me because I don’t have a microwave and this kinda-sorta replaces what you can do with a microwave.  What’s an instant pot you might ask…

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