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Fruit basket!

Hey hey!  Welcome back!  Exciting stuff going on over here… I’ve been on a hunt for quite awhile to find a wall hanging “basket” that I would like to place on the wall between the stove and the window to store fruits and veggies.  Since I bought my beloved instant pot, I’ve felt like the counter was a little crowded with storing my fruit and veggies on the counter with my mixer as seen below.

wasted wall space in which fruit could be stored

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A new PR?

Hello hello!  While I know this isn’t a running or fitness blog I do want to share that I set a new half marathon PR (personal record) this past weekend!!! Woohoo!

Go Girl Run Half Marathon

I am extremely surprised by this because I didn’t eat the best while on spring break.  Ok, I’ll take that back – I ate really good/delicious food on spring break but it wasn’t the most nutritious.  Plus this half marathon was really hot – it started around 65 degrees with a high that day at 95. ARG, it’s going to be a hot spring. =(  In fact, it got so hot that day (82 inside) that Blue was sighing and laying all spread out – he does this certain type of laying where all of his body parts are touching the floor when he’s hot – that I broke down and turned on the AC in my house. <- see, I just related this post back to my tiny house! Continue reading A new PR?

Toilet topic…yet again

Hello, hello!  How are you all doing today?  Great I hope!  As you can tell from the title of this post, I’m talking toilets again.  Such a great topic, huh?


Anyways, as previously mentioned here and here and a few other spots that I won’t reference, I’ve had some issues with my current composting toilet.  Mainly bugs, emptying way more than the reference manual, and a plant/dirt smell.  I’ve looked at other options such as a regular flush toilet, RV toilet, and another type of composting toilet.  (I even had a plumber give me an estimate to install a different toilet.  To install a different toilet it would be around $500 – or was it $400?  I can’t find the post – in labor then the cost of the toilet- whichever one I decided on)  While that doesn’t seem too bad if it solved the problem it does mean that I will no longer have the option of being off-grid unless I get a black water storage tank.  Which I would then have to dump…uh, I’d rather dump compost than chemical waste.  I’m kinda grossed out just typing that…

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Cooking in a tiny house

Hello!  Happy Thursday! And yes, a new topic.  =)  I mentioned awhile ago that I got an instant pot around Thanksgiving as they were having that huge sale on Amazon.

Instant Pot

This guy come in a 7 in 1 function 6 quart size or a 6 in 1 function 5 quart size.  Being that it’s just me and to save space I got the 5 quart size.  Which, to be honest is HUGE in my tiny house! I originally griped about how big it is, and while I still feel that way, I have changed my option of this cooking appliance as I use it all the time.  On what, you ask?

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Toilet update

Hello, hello and happy Fri-yay!  Do you have any fun plans for this weekend???  Me, I’m just catching up and relaxing as we just finished the first week of the semester.  1 down, 14 to go! I really shouldn’t count like that…ha!

Today’s topic is a fun one…toilets! Remember (awhile back now) how I was unhappy with my composting toilet as it requires much more maintenance than the reviews/owner manual, smells (like dirt but a pretty strong odor), and attracts insects….


Well, I made a decision on what I’m going to replace it with…

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Monday, Monday, Monday!

Hello and happy Monday to you all!  Hope you had a great weekend!  Mine was good.  I wrapped up the last of the semester so I am officially on Christmas break now! Woohoo!  I still must do some work but won’t have a set schedule till the middle of January. Ahhh!  =)

So this weekend was a cold one for me.  As I’ve mentioned the past few posts.  I got to use the fireplace every night before bed.  It got the house to a toasty 68-70 degrees.  I then went to bed with the Envi wall heaters on and awoke to around 60-62 degrees.  (Envi heaters are set to around 1/2 way so I could keep it warmer but like to sleep in cooler temps) Not too bad when it’s 15-20 degrees outside. If I stayed home in the morning I would light the fireplace again but since I often just leave for the gym it’s perfect.  I will open the curtains and the sun heats up the interior during the day so when I return home it’s often up in the high 60’s or so.

Since this is the first time my house has experienced freezing temperatures for a sustained amount of time I was a bit concerned about freezing water & the hot water heater because it’s located in the bike garage.

propane on demand water heater in back left corner
propane hot water heater – similar to what I have

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Rootin’ tootin’ Tuesday!

Hello and welcome back! How are you all doing?  I’m good because I got an instant pot the other day and have made a few meals in it.  I think it’s especially exciting for me because I don’t have a microwave and this kinda-sorta replaces what you can do with a microwave.  What’s an instant pot you might ask…

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Heater update!

TGIF!  Woohoo!  Happy Friday!  Hope you all had a fantastic week.  Do you have fun plans for the weekend?  I think (and honestly, I haven’t been following football much this year so this could be completely false) but this is the last week of rivalry games, right?  Both OSU’s pulled out the win last weekend….THE OSU game was quite a nail biter!  The Beavers game, not so much. =)

A few days ago I shared with you all that I purchased another Envi wall heater (pic below) because they were still on Cyber Monday/Black Friday/who really knows what to call it sale and my other ceramic wall heater wasn’t cutting it.

convection heater
convection heater

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Toilet topic – again

Welcome back!  Happy Thursday!  How’s your week going so far?  Mine, it’s pretty good.  We’re wrapping up the last week of the semester and gearing up for finals next week.  It’s almost Christmas break!!!

I was chatting with my dad earlier this week (Hi dad!) about the toilet situation as we had a camper growing up and I wanted some feedback as to the toilet and if there were any issues with that set up when we would go for trips in it.  I’m sure things have changed in the RV industry since the 1990’s but a gravity fed toilet is still a gravity fed toilet, right?

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