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Winterizing – take 2

Hello and happy Monday!!!  Welcome back!  Did you have a great weekend?  Mine was good.  The weather was warm – in the 60’s so I got to do some outdoor projects that I needed to do.  First one was winterizing my drain line.  As I only have greywater – and with going to try another composting toilet will remain that way – the drain line isn’t the biggest issue if it freezes but it is a pain in the butt!  If I’m home due to crappy icy weather then I want/need to get some things done such as laundry, washing dishes, etc.  and with a frozen (which means stopped up) sewer line, doing those things just isn’t going to happen until the afternoon when the weather warms up to thaw the frozen line. So, I decided to winterize my sewer line!  What does that mean, you ask?

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Ice storm…take 3

Hello, hello!  I know you all are anxiously awaiting what water heater options I have so I’ll just go right into it. =)

First option is to simply replace exactly what I have.  An Eccotemp propane tankless hot water heater.

water heater

I know it works well for my application and, while I have to keep a 1400w space heater in the bike garage during winter – it’s energy efficient and I haven’t had any issues with it working other than this whole freeze thing.  The plumbers will simply just take out the busted on and install this..boom – done.  I looked into purchasing just the parts that are broken (the heating element) and the manufacture doesn’t sell a replacement for that part so that wasn’t an option.  So this is option 1.

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Ice storm….take 1

Hello!  Welcome back!  I took a few days off as I went out of town again.  When I returned (luckily in the night after I had already flown in) we got an ice storm.  The meteorologist had been predicting this so it wasn’t like it took everyone by surprise and in fact it turned out to be a lot milder than originally planned.  However, I awoke Saturday to this…

Ice storm

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Monday, Monday, Monday!

Hello and happy Monday to you all!  Hope you had a great weekend!  Mine was good.  I wrapped up the last of the semester so I am officially on Christmas break now! Woohoo!  I still must do some work but won’t have a set schedule till the middle of January. Ahhh!  =)

So this weekend was a cold one for me.  As I’ve mentioned the past few posts.  I got to use the fireplace every night before bed.  It got the house to a toasty 68-70 degrees.  I then went to bed with the Envi wall heaters on and awoke to around 60-62 degrees.  (Envi heaters are set to around 1/2 way so I could keep it warmer but like to sleep in cooler temps) Not too bad when it’s 15-20 degrees outside. If I stayed home in the morning I would light the fireplace again but since I often just leave for the gym it’s perfect.  I will open the curtains and the sun heats up the interior during the day so when I return home it’s often up in the high 60’s or so.

Since this is the first time my house has experienced freezing temperatures for a sustained amount of time I was a bit concerned about freezing water & the hot water heater because it’s located in the bike garage.

propane on demand water heater in back left corner
propane hot water heater – similar to what I have

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Happy Friday to you all!  Hope your staying nice and warm with this cold front that’s hitting the US right now.   I’m nice and toasty with the heaters as well as the fireplace on. =)

I was reading another blog this morning that suggests using a heated blanked around your propane tank to keep it from freezing – I think.

propane blanket

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It’s starting to feel like winter!

Hello!  Welcome back!  How’s your week going?  Mine is good.  I think winter weather is hitting most of the US right now and we finally got some colder weather here! woohoo!  I actually turned on the fireplace.  It’s so cozy and I’m so glad I got it.  It’s probably my favorite thing about the tiny house. =)


Imagine: it’s Friday night and you’ve had a busy work week.  You come home, light the fire, turn on a good movie or open a book, and sip a glass of red wine. Ah, perfection!  Too bad it’s Thursday morning, huh?  Anyways, back to the topic today…

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