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Parking…take 3!

TGIF!  How are you all?!  Got fun weekend plans?  I’m volunteering and hopefully riding in a mountain (or more like trail) bike race this weekend.  I’m hoping we get a good turn out.

So, as you all know I live in the country and it takes about 20 minutes to drive into work.  I realize that compared to some folks 20 minutes is nothing but I like living within biking distance to work so that I can reduce my carbon footprint and pedal power everywhere.  It’s such a great stress reliever and I miss biking. =(  I’ve been on the hunt for a better parking spot pretty much since I got my tiny house.

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Parking….take 2

TGIF!  Woohoo! It’s the weekend again!  Do you have fun plans?  I hope so! Me, I’m running a trail race on Sunday – which I haven’t done in quite awhile.  Race a trail run that is, not the trail running part. =)  In fact, I try to run trails about once a week as I love being in nature, it’s cooler in the shade of the trees, and I feel that it’s easier on my body than running on sidewalks.   I’m part of a running club that hosts weekly trail and road runs, which I usually participate in.  So your probably wondering why I’m telling you this while the heading for this post is about parking….let me explain.

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Hello, hello!  Welcome back!  Hope you had a great Monday.  I was at a conference so missed posting on here but no worries, I’m back to the regular schedule now. =)  Today’s topic is another one on this zoning issue.  I know I keep harping on it but as of now this has been the biggest hurdle in living tiny.  =(

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Exciting news….maybe

Hello Hello!  I have some exciting news to share….I may have found a new parking spot! If things work out I wouldn’t be moving for a month or so but this parking spot is located right beside campus so I can walk or ride my bike to work and it’s an easy peasy bike ride downtown plus I’d be close to grocery stores and amenities.  Since I HATE my commute right now this is a win-win in my book and exactly what I want out of the tiny house movement.  However, there is a downside….

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Update on zoning

Hey hey!  Welcome back!  This is an update from the zoning post last week. In between posting that topic and today, I uncovered two related resources that you  might find helpful if your having problems with parking your tiny house legally.  I’m part of a group of tiny house enthusiast on facebook and these two websites were posted recently.  This one is a list of states and communities that already legally allow tiny house living.

Shout out as I’m also listed as a blogger under their “tiny house blog” page!!! =)

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Gardening in a tiny house

Hello and welcome back!  I’ve wanted to grow herbs and other various vegetables (think tomato and cucumber) but I just never found the time to get around to it with moving/organizing the tiny house and then leaving for the summer.  However, now that I’m back I want to start brainstorming some ideas and get some plants going.  Living in a mobile situation, I don’t want to plant anything in the ground.  A) it’s a ton of work to till the ground to start a garden – did that once before and, whew, I earned those veggies and B) I’m looking to move closer to town and want to move my plants if I do find a new parking spot.  Enter the container garden idea….

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Friendly neighbors

Hello!  Hope you had a great weekend!

I talked about my parking spot before but to review.  I found an ad on Craigslist for RV parking the month before I got my house.  It’s 6 miles south of town so I’m out of city limits and it’s about a 15 minute commute to work/grocery/gym, etc.   It’s 10 acres with 5 RV spots although only 3 (including me) are taken.  The monthly rent includes the parking spot, well water, and sewer.  I pay my own electric.  It’s a great spot because it’s out in the country as shown below and I don’t have to worry about zoning issues (I’ll write a whole post – maybe several on this topic).

Parking spot when I first moved in
Parking spot when I first moved in

I like that I don’t have to worry about people snooping about or having to be diligent about closing my window treatments each night.  The only downfall is the commute…

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Hello, hello!  How’s your week going so far?  Mine’s been extremely busy with the back to school rush.  I’m looking forward to the weekend to relax a bit. =)

Today’s topic is my struggle with insurance.  Most people – and this was reaffirmed at the Tiny House Jamboree – think that finding the money for a tiny house (you can’t get a traditional load for one) or finding a parking spot is the biggest roadblock to living tiny…well, in my situation finding insurance has been my biggest issue.  Click below for more.

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