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Welcome back!!!

Hello long lost friends!!! How are you all doing?  Sorry for my absence….I was off enjoying my time overseas!  I have a ton of great topics to share with you from my trip and (promise this time!) that I will be back to my regular *summer* schedule soon.  I just have to get my circadian system back into the correct time zone.  My body thinks it’s 8:00 pm and dinner time while the time zone says it’s 11:30 AM and not quite lunch yet.  =)  Check back in Wednesday and I’ll share some stories with you.  In the meantime, check out some photos of my trip.


Financing the tiny house…

Happy Thursday! Woot, woot! We’re almost to the weekend again. =)

So today, I thought I’d tackle the budget question.  When I first got my tiny house (I have a picture hanging on my office door) people would often stop and ask about it – which was my plan with the photo placement – and one of the most common questions I would get asked is, “how much did it cost?”.

Well, before I spill the beans, I need to explain the whole tiny house funding scenario.

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Hello hello!  The weekend is so close.  Any fun plans for the last holiday weekend of summer?

Today’s topic is on cleaning (again). This time is with dirty dishes.  I try to follow a paleo diet (most of the time) which means that I cook most of my meals at home.  (Paleo is eating whole foods, no refined sugars, no high carbs, lots of fresh veggies and meats). Usually I’ll cook a big meal for dinner and then take the leftovers for lunch the next few days.  This works out really well as I’m always scampering in the morning to get to the gym and start my work day, however, this does create quite a bit of dishes.  In the planning stage of the tiny house I thought about designing space for a portable dishwasher like this.

Countertop dishwasher
Countertop dishwasher

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Done, Done, and Done!

My builder is done!!! It’s January 27th so I have 4 days for shipment.  The quote I got was for 2 drivers to haul my tiny house and be here in 36 hours!!!  Let’s hope for no more delays.  Below are the latest pics from the builder….he’s going to send me finalized photos once he gets time.  I really hope I get a red front door that I specified, however, that is such a minor detail and can paint it myself as long as I get my house!

SAM_1139 front exterior


I’m going to be honest, I’m super stressed right now.  My house was suppose to be done  the middle of last week (January  19/20) then after shipping, I would be moving and living in it by January 30th.  The lease is up on my apartment January 31 and I have to be out.  It is not Tuesday (Jan 26th) and the builder still needs more time! WTF?  (I’ll get into all the delays in another post) I gave him till tomorrow as the last dropdead deadline then the shipping company, who I found on Uship (dot) com, will ship the house to me.  Please keep your fingers crossed for good weather as any delay may put me over my apartment lease!

Once the house arrives, I don’t have much to move (imagine that!) ha! but I do have 2 heavy items that I have hired help to lift.  I purchased a mini fridge at Home Depot on sale – score – which, if I had it shipped to the builder to install, the shipping cost would be more than the actual fridge!  So being the frugal girl that I am, decided that I could handle installing a mini fridge on my own.  How hard can it be?

Mini fridge with a 6.0 CU FT unit beside
Mini fridge with a 6.0 CU FT unit beside
Look at the freezer.
Look at the freezer.


I also have a little clothes washer I’ve been using in my apartment (shhh, we weren’t suppose to have them) but I hate the laundry mat and this is one you can hook up to your kitchen or bathroom sink and doesn’t require an appliance electric outlet (220v).  I’ve been using it for the 6 months I’ve lived here and plan to take it with me into my tiny house.  Have you seen these?  This is the one I have but there are several different manufacturers and sizes.

This is my tiny washer. It's 1.5 cu ft and washes really well.
This is my tiny washer. It’s 1.5 cu ft and washes really well.
Washer/dryer combination unit – 36″high by 24″ wide and around 30″deep

Since I already had the little washer and it was a fraction, we’re talking less than half, of the cost of a dual washer/dryer unit, and it works (sidenote: I heard the dual washer/dryer units don’t work as well as intended), I decided it would make the move.  To save on energy I like to line dry all my clothing so I don’t need a dryer, however, this does have a matching little dryer that doesn’t require appliance electric outlets AND no exhaust.  Isn’t it cute?

Mini washer and dryer. Regular size cabinets beside to give size reference.
Mini washer and dryer. Regular size cabinets beside to give size reference.


What do you think?  Would you use this small washer and/or dryer or go for the dual wash/dry unit?