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Tiny House Mistake

Hello!  How’s it going in your part of the World?  Mine is good.  This week seems to be flying by.  I feel like I haven’t had a chance to sit down and relax or breath all week.  Anyways, I came across another article from Forbes magazine that pretty much states that tiny houses are a bad investment, which of course, I’m going to talk about today….

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Economical tiny house

Hello and happy Thursday!  Yes, if your reading this on Thursday then you discovered that I’m off on my posting schedule this week. =)  I’m switching it up a bit and just getting in some posts as my schedule allows.

One of the things that’s really surprising with tiny houses – at least to me – is that they are thought of as an economical housing option and only “poor” people would live in them, however, that’s quite the contrary in that tiny house prices are – at least to me – outrageous! Some tiny houses with all the bells and whistles come in OVER $100,000 which, depending on where you live in the US, could buy you a small 3 bed, 1 bath house with a foundation that meets all local zoning codes and you can purchase with a mortgage.

Example from the Tiny House Jamboree of a tiny over $100,000

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Defending another tiny house dig…

Hello!  Welcome back!  Whew, it’s Wednesday already – can you believe it?  Sorry for the absence the past few days.  I took a trip out of town and then was playing catch up.  You know how it goes, right?

Well, this is a short post but I had to make some comments on an article that was posted in the National Review.  You can read the article here.  The author pretty much takes a stab at tiny houses… and well, I have some comments about this.

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Happy Cyber Monday!

Hello and welcome back!  Did you all have a great Thanksgiving holiday?  Mine was good.  I was able to go back to the Pacific Northwest and enjoy some time off.  While I was gone, I left Blue – the cat – alone for 4 days.  He did great with the new litter box.  I think this is a solution for all the traveling I seem to be doing lately. =)

So it’s cyber Monday.  Did you all get some crazy good deals?  I caved the the Insta-pot deal and will have a new kitchen appliance in 2 days. ha!  I think that’s pretty good as I’ve been looking for a replacement crockpot for awhile now as I wanted one with a “warm” function since mine is cheap and just goes from hot to hotter.  This often means that I come home to mush instead of chicken soup – or whatever I was trying to make.  I’ve heard good things about the Insta-pot so I’m hoping it lives up to the expectations as it’s an extremely expensive crockpot if not!

Other than the Insta-pot, which was an item I was looking for anyways, I didn’t do any post Thanksgiving shopping.  I just don’t have space or need anything!  Last year, I bought a bunch of house supplies/building materials after Thanksgiving to cash in on those deals (I think Home Depot has 10% off purchase or something like that) but now that I’m living in the house I don’t have a need to cave to consumerism. It’s quite a relief actually.  So instead of hanging out at the malls last Friday we went for long hike in a state park and then visited a local brew pub.  So I guess we did consume but it was local and edible. =)

So what deals did you all score this Thanksgiving?!?!

Hump Daaaay!

Hello!  Happy Hump Daaaaay!  You  have to say it like the camel in the commercial.  We’re almost a week away from Thanksgiving.  Who’s excited?!?!  I am, that’s for sure.  I’ll explain next week why. =)

So this morning was a bit different for me.  I slept in!  I usually get up at 5:00 am, pack up and head to the gym.  However, today – I just wasn’t feeling it.  I teach a night class on Tuesdays which goes till 9:30 pm.  You can do the math but getting up at 5 am means I usually try to go to bed around 9.  I don’t fall asleep but try to at least be in bed around that time.   Teaching a night class throws off my whole schedule because I’m awake from teaching and usually don’t go to bed until 10/11:00.   I’m sure you were really looking forward to reading about my sleep schedule today but it does lead to my topic of discussion! =)

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Financing…part 2

Welcome back!  Did I keep you on the end of your seat waiting till today’s post? I hope not as that wasn’t my intention.  I just wanted to share a bit more about financing a tiny house.

Tiny houses, in general, range anywhere from $5,000 – $100,000 or more – depending upon size and amenities.  The difference in price range is because an individual can build an all salvaged or recycled tiny house for as low as $5,000 with their own labor.  This route would take quite awhile and most blogs I read on this topic, it took the individuals twice, if not more, time than they originally planned.  Some other examples are here:

That reads $56,900 for a 20′-0″
What money can buy – granite countertops

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Financing the tiny house…

Happy Thursday! Woot, woot! We’re almost to the weekend again. =)

So today, I thought I’d tackle the budget question.  When I first got my tiny house (I have a picture hanging on my office door) people would often stop and ask about it – which was my plan with the photo placement – and one of the most common questions I would get asked is, “how much did it cost?”.

Well, before I spill the beans, I need to explain the whole tiny house funding scenario.

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