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Instant Pot Fail

Happy Monday!  How are you all doing?  Did you have a great weekend?  I hope you did!

Mine was good.  I got in my semi-long run (I’m tapering now so it wasn’t that bad) a little bit of work and some relaxing! But I also had a major food fail.

So I love my instant pot.  You can cook anything and everything in it by using all of the different functions such as the crock pot function.  When using this one it will count down from the time you select (anywhere from 4 – 8 hours) and then it immediately goes into “warm” mode to keep your food the appropriate temperature to keep it from getting those nasty food born bacteria on it.  This was actually the reason I first purchased this amazing device that I have grown to love as I was in the need for a crock pot that kept food warm after the appropriate cooking time.  Since my commute is rather long (in my opinion) and I’m often at work for 10+ hours a day – this includes gym time, lunch, etc. – I would often come home to mush in my crock pot because I didn’t have the warm function on my previous model. Even on the low setting it would cook the food too long and I was eating a soup instead of chicken and broccoli or whatever I might have made.  Not exactly appetizing. My beloved instant pot fixed that little problem! Or so I thought….

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Happy Monday!

Hello and welcome back!  Did you have a great weekend?  I did! I ran a trail race on Saturday and caught up around the house on Sunday.  One of the things I did was pick some lemons!  My lemon tree – or shrub as it’s not that big – started to turn yellow!

Check them out!

The tree/shrub
The tree/shrub
they look more yellow in person
they look more yellow in person

This is a short post as I’m getting back into the swing of things from the weekend and it’s a busy week with finals.  Last week of the semester! Woohoo!  Stop in tomorrow and I’ll have an update on my new kitchen countertop appliance.


all the animals…

Hello hello!  Happy hump day before turkey day! So that makes it a camel today and turkey day tomorrow.  Wonder what animal Friday will be?  Maybe it’s deer Friday as it is hunting season (at least where I’m located).

This is a short post to say Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for reading this blog.  I hope you have safe travels if you are going somewhere and I hope you enjoy the day!  I’ll stop back in Monday with an update. =) Take care!

Things I’m loving lately…

Hello, hello!  Happy Fri-yay!!!  Do you have fun plans for this weekend?  I’ve rescheduled the plumber to come out and give a quote for the toilet on Saturday and have other things to do around the house that day then I’m running a half marathon on Sunday.  It’ll be a fun weekend and then it’s Thanksgiving week!  Woohoo!

Today is going to start a series that I’m thinking to post every Friday.  I read/follow a bunch of blogs that have a “things I’m loving Friday” post.  They give shout outs to things – big and small that they liked that week.  I’m thinking of tweaking it a bit to be about living tiny though.  So here goes week #1 of things I’m loving lately about living tiny.

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Hello friends! So yesterday was a busy day for me and today is looking like another one but I wanted to check in and give you a gentle reminder to go and vote today! I’m not sure what the lines will look like so I’m going right after class to make sure I’m not late for anything. Get it done folks. =)

Update on Parking!

Yesterday, I contacted and met with someone who posted an RV parking spot on Craigslist.  He owns 10 acres of land just outside of city limits. He has it set up for 5 RV spots in the woods along a creek.  Currently, he has no tenants so I would/could be the first but it’s wooded, private, and exactly what I was thinking of when this whole concept of tiny houses developed.  He also screens the tenants so that I don’t have to worry about crazy neighbors. =) The only downside of this property is that it is far from town and I can no longer bike (it’s on a gravel road but the main road has a 65 mph speed limit!) but it’s better than living in an RV park.  In this situation, I would pay a minimal monthly fee (rent) for parking and all utilities besides electric and wifi. Unless anything comes up in the next month, this will be the spot.

My parking spotMy parking spot

Parking the Tiny

One of the biggest questions I get asked is where are you going to park it?  Or the assumption is that I purchased land to park it…which is not even an option right now for various reasons but we’ll just say I didn’t spend much energy thinking of that option. =)  Let me explain the process with tiny parking and part of the drawl for me to go tiny. The concept behind tiny houses is that the dweller would barter to park in someones back yard and tap into their utilities.  It’s also common for tiny house dwellers to park on someone’s land and pay a small fee (we’ll call it rent) to park and use their utilities – I’m hoping to score this situation.  One of the driving factors for me to live tiny is that they are more sustainable than traditional houses and require less utilities.  This also means there’s less costs involved, which is extremely appealing to me.

I currently have a craigslist ad looking for a space on someone’s property and keep renewing it but no such luck. =( That is my ideal situation.  I also have an ad on tinyhouseparking looking for a spot but considering there are only 2 other ads in the state, I’m not very hopeful that option will pan out.

My last option, which will work but not necessarily the reason why I want to live tiny, is to park in an RV park.  I spoke with two in the area that will allow me to stay with them.  I have a meeting with one this weekend to scope out a spot since I’m not familiar with the location so I will see how this option will work.

So, keep your fingers crossed that something will pan out for me and I’ll find a great (and cheap) spot to live! =)

It’s Happening!

After the last minute decision to change to a 24′ trailer over the 20′ trailer I had a bit of delay with the build.  I was originally going to have the finished house today or tomorrow, however, now it’s looking like I’ll get it January 20th. wah wah…. =(

But the good news is that I saw the framing!!! I was passing through Salt Lake City last week and stopped at the builders to see Day 2 of the build!

Under construction back side
Under Construction
Back of house looking at the garage door. The little porch looking thing is for the utilities such as propane tanks, solar panels, air conditioning unit, etc.
inside und construction
Inside looking at back wall where kitchen will go
kitchen wall
Inside on door side looking at kitchen

It’s so much bigger than I thought it would be – of course that’s only looking at the “bones” of the house but I got a good idea.  I’m so so so excited!

Check out the videos below for the process.

Day 1 build

Day 2 build

What do think?  Are you as excited as I am???