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Hello, hello!  How are you all?  Did you have a good week?  It’s Friday again.  Woohoo! Do you have fun plans for the weekend?  I’m going to be working…yup, during summer break.  good times, right?  =)  In all seriousness, I can’t complain because I do get 3 months during the summer to work from anywhere I so please so having to be somewhere for a week is manageable.  =)

Today’s topic is on the reality of living tiny.  This article was in the New York Times awhile back and thought it brought up some good items for discussion.

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Weekend project

Hello and happy Monday!!!  Did you all have a great one?  Mine was good.  It was extremely HOT here.  It’s the middle of February and it hit 80 degrees….80!  =(  And I’m running a marathon next weekend when it’s still suppose to be this hot…in February!!!  ARG!  I should be hitting the ski slopes and not wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  ok, I’ll stop being a grump about it but seriously, not cool (and literally, not cool).

So my weekend project included something very very sad….at least to me.  As I’ve mentioned previously- and actually designed my house around – I like to ride bikes.  I currently have a really nice carbon fiber road bike (love her!), a 29″ full suspension mountain bike, and a some-what nice commuter bike.

I’ve also mentioned that I’m looking for a new parking spot because I live too far away from my office to bike commute to work (or anywhere) so that I have to drive.  =(  I also have come to find out that the town I currently live in is just not bike friendly.  I will give them credit as they try, but it’s just not safe to ride a bike in the roads here.  It’s taking your life in your hands if you try.  It’s bad….. so I haven’t been road riding since I moved here.  Major bummer because I do like road riding and am actually kinda good at it. ok, anyways….

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84 Lumber is on it!

Hello and welcome back!  By the way, I did not eat the failed meal from the instant pot.  I figured wasting a little bit of food over the possibility of getting sick was worth it.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m part of a Tiny House group on Facebook.  Well someone posted about an 84 Lumber tiny house commercial during the Super Bowl this past weekend…did anyone see it?  Me, I didn’t watch the super bowl but am curious about this commercial.  Anyways, this individual linked up the 84 Lumber website and it seems pretty cool!  They have 4 models to choose from and price range packages from DIY to the fully built house.


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Instant Pot Fail

Happy Monday!  How are you all doing?  Did you have a great weekend?  I hope you did!

Mine was good.  I got in my semi-long run (I’m tapering now so it wasn’t that bad) a little bit of work and some relaxing! But I also had a major food fail.

So I love my instant pot.  You can cook anything and everything in it by using all of the different functions such as the crock pot function.  When using this one it will count down from the time you select (anywhere from 4 – 8 hours) and then it immediately goes into “warm” mode to keep your food the appropriate temperature to keep it from getting those nasty food born bacteria on it.  This was actually the reason I first purchased this amazing device that I have grown to love as I was in the need for a crock pot that kept food warm after the appropriate cooking time.  Since my commute is rather long (in my opinion) and I’m often at work for 10+ hours a day – this includes gym time, lunch, etc. – I would often come home to mush in my crock pot because I didn’t have the warm function on my previous model. Even on the low setting it would cook the food too long and I was eating a soup instead of chicken and broccoli or whatever I might have made.  Not exactly appetizing. My beloved instant pot fixed that little problem! Or so I thought….

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Happy Monday!

Hello and welcome back!  Did you have a great weekend?  I did! I ran a trail race on Saturday and caught up around the house on Sunday.  One of the things I did was pick some lemons!  My lemon tree – or shrub as it’s not that big – started to turn yellow!

Check them out!

The tree/shrub
The tree/shrub
they look more yellow in person
they look more yellow in person

This is a short post as I’m getting back into the swing of things from the weekend and it’s a busy week with finals.  Last week of the semester! Woohoo!  Stop in tomorrow and I’ll have an update on my new kitchen countertop appliance.